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A2251 touch bar causing system crashes

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    A2251 touch bar causing system crashes

    I have an A2251 with a touch bar that doesn't always show up under the system info window. Randomly after an SMC reset it will be detected and the screen will look like the attachment. After booting into a fresh install of Ventura the system will lock up, the fans will go to 100% for half a second, and the system turns off.

    The board looks pristine, I think the problem is with the touchbar itself because the system info window picks up the other usb devices like the trackpad, camera, and ambient light sensor.

    Does the AMS910-WM04-0 part of the touch bar handle the USB logic? It's very easy to replace compared to the rest of the touch bar. It sits between the board and the touch bar.
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    Re: A2251 touch bar causing system crashes

    I wish I could help you with this. I similarly had the touchbar display this scrambled static. Unfortunately in my case it was water damage and a new touchbar and connector did not fix the issue.
    I'm curious if you managed to get this to work as I have tried a lot to get my a1990 going, to no avail.