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Mix & Match Hot Tweezers with Station

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    Mix & Match Hot Tweezers with Station

    Hey guys; I have a cheap soldering station (Txinlei 8586) and was wondering if it was possible to use Aoyue hot tweezers on it.

    Digikey has a couple options for Aoyue hot tweezers available, and although you're not really "supposed to" use them on anything other than intended Aoyue stations, I was wondering if any of you have experience/knowledge and can tell me if I can safely use any of the available options on my cheap station.

    These are affordable, and the quick shipping speed (I'm about to do a digikey order anyway) makes them attractive over a Chinese option (a la Yihua 938d) *IF* it were to even work.

    Below is the tweezer model numbers and the stations they are designed for.

    AOT002 - 2702, 2702A+, 2703A+
    AOT004 - 968A+, 701A++, N Series
    AOT005 - 738, 3210, N Series
    AOT007 - 866, 9378, N Series
    AOT008-P - 937+ Pro, 9378 Pro, N Series

    Kindest regards,

    Re: Mix & Match Hot Tweezers with Station

    Your station can only control one iron, tweezers have two. It doesn't look too hard to build a dedicated tweezer unit, but I don't know what goes into proper ESD grounding, etc.