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solder don't stick, new tip.

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    Re: solder don't stick, new tip.

    One note if you use a metal type of cleaning medium this is hard on a tip and you do every so often have to do this but it does wear your tip one other thing that wears out your tip is if you make it a habit of trying to clean soldering joints hole with the tip this cause the tip to be out of rounds and making hard to solder with
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    6 LCD Flat Screen TV
    30 Desk Top Switching Power Supply
    10 Battery Charger Switching Power Supply for Power Tool
    6 18v Lithium Battery Power Boards for Tool Battery Packs
    1 XBox 360 Switching Power Supply and M Board
    25 Servo Drives 220/460 3 Phase
    6 De-soldering Station Switching Power Supply 1 Power Supply
    1 Dell Mother Board
    15 Computer Power Supply
    1 HP Printer Supply & Control Board * lighting finished it *

    These two repairs where found with a ESR meter...> Temp at 50*F then at 90*F the ESR reading more than 10%

    1 Over Head Crane Current Sensing Board ( VFD Failure Five Years Later )
    2 Hem Saw Computer Stack Board

    All of these had CAPs POOF
    All of the mosfet that are taken out by bad caps


      Re: solder don't stick, new tip.

      I had the same situation with my old soldering gun. You have a corrosion tip and there is no way to fix it. Don't use any sandpaper I did it but just making it worse. There is two option. Change tip and buy some cheap tips (if you soldering one time in a month) or purchase a new soldering gun because high temp and bad soldering wire are killers of tips.

      -Dont use sanding paper
      -Dont use tinner for clean tip
      -Use clean water and sponge
      -Dont use your tip like aggressive
      -Stay all the time some soldering wire on tip


        Re: solder don't stick, new tip.

        steel wool or thick cotton cloth to wipe that oxide crust