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Default superflower leadex silver - wtf 12mV ripple on a crapxon psu?

well i came across a review (NOTE: link is in korean. just look at the pictures displayed) by a korean site called playwares who seemed to attempt to review a superflower leadex silver psu ala johnny guru style.

if u skip forward to page 3 where they open up the psu. i think i notice what looks like capxon on the modular panel, ncc smq on the primary input side and almost all black and gold capxons or g-luxons on the secondary output side, save for one lone ncc kze amongst all the crap caps.

and it gets shocking, on page 4 where they try to put it on an oscilloscope, it measures just 12mV ripple as the worst case ripple scenario.

i think me and many members here (esp pentium4) will find it really un-un-un-unbelievable that a psu stuffed with crapxons or g-luxons can produce just 12mV ripple. i dont know what their oscilloscope was smoking to get that kind of ripple reading. any pros can advise if their oscilloscope is a reliable brand/model or kaput? or if its just "dapun" (bad) as they say in korean. is that review accurate or were they just paid off to cough up some random positive figures, look like some johnny guru wannabes and take people to be "baboos" (fools) as they say in korean?
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Default Re: superflower leadex silver - wtf 12mV ripple on a crapxon psu?

It is possible.

Even capacitors made by Capxon can achieve the "performance" Japanese brands like Nichicon or NCC or Rubycon can do when they're new, they're considered bad because they're not as reliable as Japanese brands (they degrade in time, their performance can decrease).
If the power supply is well tweaked and uses sense wires to measure the voltage at the connectors, then it's quite possible to have 12mV ripple.

The psu seems to have polymer caps on dc-dc converter boards that produce 5v and 3.3v, there's some polymer capacitors on the modular boards, I also see a design that's well layed out for air cooling which is done with a 140mm fan so quite adequate.. the temperatures show maximum 56C so overall it seems like no reason to worry those Capxon capacitors will fail soon.
Secondary side is also a synchronous design with mosfets to do the 12v, so that also helps with regulation, it's not the old boring diode rectifier design.

The 750w uses the same platform only some capacitors are changed to NCC, but you can see on the modular board Capxon electrolytics and polymers are still used and it's acceptable as the review says: .. and they get the same small ripple values.
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Default Re: superflower leadex silver - wtf 12mV ripple on a crapxon psu?

That are CapXon, probably GF Series (seems like it).

And I don't see anything wrong with it. There are at least 6 caps in parallel, there doesn't seem anything hot close to that. Seems like a great layout that could make the components last a long time...

It's not a shitty design like FSPs GHN and HHN witch look like that:
Attachment 117921

That's a good example for a design that needs great caps because sometimes there's just no other cap that shares the strain of the circuit, sitting next to a damn hot heatsink and so on...

With this Super Flower Design, the caps are pretty far from hot areas....
Looks pretty good. The only question remaining is how much ripple current do those caps have to endure?!
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