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Default Capacitor n00b with Antec SP500

I have known for a couple months that the power supply in my computer, the Antec SP500 is prone to burn out due to bad caps. I have monitored the voltages and everything seemed to be working alright, but I recently had the urge to pop it open and check things out.

Most of the caps look to be in OK shape, but I have noticed one that has a bulge. Its a Fuhjyyu 1000microfarad 10v. Its pretty small, probably 8mm in diameter, and not much higher.

I am fairly decent at soldering and desoldering with wick, but I am not very knowledgeable with capacitors or electronics in general.

Should I replace all of the caps? The leaking ones? The tiny ones? The huge 200V filter caps?

What should I replace them with? Is ESR a factor? What is a good supplier?

Thank you guys in advance.
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Default Re: Capacitor n00b with Antec SP500

Hi there and welcome

Pretty much, the caps that I would replace are all the secondary caps (the 6 caps near the output wires), that 1000uF 10V cap, and then the two others nearby (usually a second 1000uF 10V and then some other cap rated at 16V and 820uF or thereabouts). If you want to be certain which ones, post an overhead pic of the PSU and I can point out which ones get replaced.

6.3V caps can be substituted in place of the 10V caps if need be because those 10V caps only have 5V across them anyway. The 16V caps can't be reduced though.

PM topcat for replacement caps, he can sell you either Rubycons (premium grade) or Samxon caps. Just tell him the voltage and capacitance ratings, and how many of each you need.
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Default Re: Capacitor n00b with Antec SP500

To add to sparky's post (he is I think more familiar with these supplies)

The I/P caps (thats the 200V) shouldn't be a problem.

Yes use good quality Low ESR types, as sparky said,
see TC if you are in the states or if you want to use Samxon caps contact Big pope another forum member who supplies to the rest of the world.

United Chems seem to be some peoples choice for PSU others rubycons so it does vary abit
you can source from Rs components Digikey etc if you like
(TC will see you right thought, your dealing with someone that knows the situation not a sales dude)

Yep on the 3V3 and 5V DC rails you can use the 6V3 voltage
(10V is used cause they are crap caps )

If there are any crap caps brands dice them regardless of being good or bad...
If you don't you will at some point be in there pulling em out later

Small values like 10uf 47uf are usually not a worry, its mostly large values
(around 1000uf and up) used on the DC output rails that will die and give you troubles.

If you want the specs and see whats available have a look at Will post here

(note: not all that you can get but covers a lot)

If you want to see a few photos of the different types of quality caps go here

Also search the psu make model here there should be a few posts on them and have a read of others comments, you may pick up a few tricks and traps etc.

If you haven't recapped before read the recap FAQ's

Oh and be careful it does connect to the mains so has nasty voltages in parts
(never ever work on one power up unless trained and you know what you are doing....yeah thats the cover my rear end Disclaimer)

Welcome HTH

You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you may be swept off to." Bilbo Baggins ...
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Default Re: Capacitor n00b with Antec SP500

I finally got around to it and recapped the power supply.

I mainly used Panasonic FMs and a set of FCs. I got it back together and it works. I guess I'll have to wait and see if this thing is stable, but I have high hopes.

One thing that bugged me though is that I had to keep some of the caps elevated off the board because the Panasonic caps are MUCH larger than the old ones.

Thanks alot guys.
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Default Re: Capacitor n00b with Antec SP500

good one
yeah not ideal to have them sitting a bit high but panasonics are in the larger values 12.5 mm cans

Al thought it can alter, change things a tad,... yeah just niggling here

I think it will be ok a few mills high
but putting them in at full lead length not a good idea...don't laugh its been done

Have the same probs with some MB and pannies...

Seems FC are the preferred series due to their construction even if slightly worse specs then FM. but either should offer a longer life then the crap that was in there.
(FM=aqueous.. FC = non-aqueous electrolyte, non-aqueous handle heat better so the story goes)
(This construction may account for why FC's will cost you more then FM's)

So just to possibly aid their life expectancy,
just make sure there is good air flow through the psu
(thats a good idea regardless)

Anyway now your aware of the problem its just a matter of checking once in a while
say when you pull the box down for a dust clean out

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Default Re: Capacitor n00b with Antec SP500

Your cap choice is fine.
The elevated mounting is clearly not the greatest thing in theory.
I have done this with a Enermax 365 FMA and it is working fine.
The main concern on this is the generation of excess ringing, but i think the few centimeters should not cause much harm at low PSU frequencies.
On mainboards this could be different, but even with very ugly cap mounting, some people archived better OC results.
So don`t worry, if the system is.

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