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Default Best PSU repair topic

What's your saved or favorit psu repair topic?
I need a few so I can learn my self.
I need to fix 2 psu soon and I have 0 clue what's inside *_*
Just cook it! It's already broken.
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Default Re: Best PSU repair topic

check the fuse, check any voltage selector switch, check any vdr's

i'v had a number of psu's where someone has set the switch to 120v and hit them with 240v
luckilly the damage is minimal each time - the vdr's go short and blow the fuse to hell - often in bits or with a big soot-stain.
be suspicious every time, often they put the switch back to 240v before you get it.

btw, what part of London are you in?

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Default Re: Best PSU repair topic

I replaced the bad caps on a antec basiq 500. Does have coil whine but I can live with it. Only use it as a test PSU
Cap Datasheet Depot:
^If you have datasheets not listed PM me
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Default Re: Best PSU repair topic

try learning how it works .or at least have a basic understanding whats supposed to happen and what is or not doing what it should .
can often find datasheets online to find info on things and maybe with with added bonus of suggested circuits included .
warning do not remove the cover .no user serviceable parts inside .
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