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Default Re: Need help with Shuttle SB83G5A - fans spin but that's all

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
i'm not sure if reflowing a board with a ruptured pad is a wise idea... bad things might happen??
But who says a CPU pad is ruptured?
I've seen brute-force removed BGA chips (like a G92 GPU chip I got with a lot of CPUs), and the chances of the pads getting lifted with the solder are much smaller for Pb-free solder than Pb solder.

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
just write a note to self with the board and leave it aside until another board comes by.
Not gonna happen.

I've been looking for this board online for years now (since my last post in 2013, actually.) Have not seen the same model of board at all. I did see a few newer and older models that could have fit in there... but the prices they were asking for some of these were ridiculous. More than half of them weren't even advertised as working. $30 or more for a "For parts or repair" motherboard?! - No way, Jose! I ain't buying that!

Also, the board is already in not working condition as it is. Attempting a repair could make it worse, sure - but so what? It's of no use to me in its current condition, anyways. Thus, I might as well attempt to repair it. And if it gets worse or broke "for good", then so be it. Of course, if I can think of a way to fix it without damaging it further, that would be better. So the question is, as noted above, which repair attempt would give better chance of reviving the board.

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
maybe write,"bad cpu bga and ruptured nb vrm mosfet pad. unable to reflow", as the note.
The ripped MOSFET pad on the NB VRM is not an issue - that's what the blue wire is there for. (i.e. it's connecting the MOSFET's Gate directly to the controller's PWM output, which is how the board is wired anyways - no Gate resistors or anything fancy.)

So really this board had/has 3 issues.
1) Bad caps
3) Bad BGA on CPU socket

1) and 2) were there before I got the board, and I already took care of these two. 3) was likely induced by me as a result of the board being stuck to the case, and is the only issue that seems to keep this PC from getting fixed. So I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel here! I just hope the tunnel doesn't crumble in front of me right at the end.

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
that should help remembering what happened with this board. until then, just chuck it aside and focus on another project.
Oh, I know what happened to this board very well. It's the only Shuttle board I have, so it's kind of memorable. (Moreover, I actually do remember the work I did on pretty much all of my motherboards.)

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