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Default Re: the gutless, bloated, and fried power supply hall of shame

Originally Posted by ben7 View Post
The caps in the Vpower are Viva, a few CapXon and Rulycon.
Wow, that is one classic Deer! I bet the production date code indicates late 90's or possibly early 2000's. Does this look familiar? (it should... it's a L&C LC235-ATX. Posted here.)
Only a week of service? Ouch! Probably has Rulycon caps on the 5VSB critical cap spot too. Speaking on which, note the 5VSB design in this Deer - it's self-resonant without feedback as indicated by the lack of an optocoupler next to the 5VSB transformer.

Originally Posted by Pentium4
That's horrible! Thing must have high ripple on the standby.
Actually, no. The 7805 regulator cleans up the 5VSB quite nicely. Probably even better than most good PSUs of today. The raw output of the 5VSB transformer is around 9V or so (IIRC) and the 7805 regulator then brings that down to 5V. Horrible for the efficiency? - absolutely! But you get clean power. And it also protects the motherboard from damage when the 5vsb's "critical" cap goes bad. Unfortunately, the PWM controller gets its power from an auxiliary winding on the 5VSB transformer too, but there is nothing to protect the PWM controller other than a simple resistor to limit the current. And those burn marks on the VPower are exactly from that. Just change the critical cap with a good one, and all should be well.
But then again, not like that PSU is worth fixing up. It has the "diodes-on-a-bracket" rectifier for the 12V rail and needs lots of other parts to make it complete.

Originally Posted by Pentium4
I think the @Power is a Deer as well, I've only ever seen "Julon" inductors in Deer PSU's, it's got the classic 2003 chip, and Deer loves those Yang Chun Saturn caps
Yep , it's a L&C unit (a.k.a. Deer... a.k.a. Allied) - same platform as this PSU, actually (it's the B300-ATX in this post). The company that actually makes them is called Solytech. 370forlife knows a lot more about this than I do, though.
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