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Default HiPro HP-P3017F3 - cap list v2

Below I'm re-posting an updated list of the caps found in this power supply.
This time, I will omit the brand and series in most cases, since these HiPro PSUs seem to use a mix of Teapo SC, Ltec LZP, Teapo SY, and United Chemicon KZE - all interchangeably.

Updated cap list v2:

* 5VSB
*** 1x 10V, 2200 uF, 10x20 mm before PI coil
*** 1x 10V, 470 uF, 8x13 mm *OR* 10V, 1000 uF, 8x15 mm after PI coil (note: space for this cap has 5 mm lead spacing and can accommodate a 10 mm diameter cap, if needed)

* 3.3V Rail
*** 1x 10V, 2200 uF, 10x20 mm *OR 16V, 2200 uF, 10x25 mm before linear regulator
*** 1x 10V, 2200 uF, 10x20 mm after linear regulator
*** 1x 10V, 1000 uF, 10x15 mm after linear regulator

* 5V Rail
*** 1x 10V, 4700 uF, 12.5x25 mm before PI coil
*** 1x 10V, 3300 uF, 12.5x25 mm after PI coil

* 12V Rail
*** 2x 16V, 2200 uF, 10x30 mm

* -12V Rail
*** 1x 35V, 470 uF, 10x20 mm before 7912 linear regulator
*** 1x 16V, 100 uF, 5x11 mm after 7912 linear regulator

* "Startup cap" C202 (located on the primary side by the bridge rect.)
*** 1x 25V, 100 uF, 6.3x11 mm

* daughter board (on the secondary side)
*** 3x 50V, 22 uF, 5x11 mm
*** 1x 25V, 100V, 6.3x11 mm (filter for fan)
*** 1x 50V, 2.2 uF, 5x11 mm

* around daughter board (on the secondary side)
*** 1x 50V, 22 uF, 5x11 mm
*** 1x 16V, 47 uF, 5x11 mm

* next to / under secondary side heatsink (near 5VSB output capacitor #1)
*** 1x 50V, 1 uF, 5x11 mm
*** 1x 50V, 10 uF, 5x11 mm

Also, here is an observation I've made about Teapo SC and Ltec LZP capacitors:
In their early stage of failure, they start to exhibit high capacitance, probably due to electrolyte breaking down the insulation layer / thinning the foil (which also tends to result in the cap being able to withstand lower voltage than before.) At that point, they may or may not have bulged yet. ESR-wise, they usually still show "in spec". But as time progresses, the electrolyte will break down more and more, eventually causing pressure to build up inside the cap until they bulge and vent/leak. After this, the capacitance will start to go down (typically to a 100th to a 10th of the rated capacitance) and the ESR go up to several Ohms or more. And again, it seems that only Teapo SC and Ltec LZP seem to suffer this fate (so far) in these HiPro PSUs. The Teapo SY 16V, 2200 uF caps that are used on the 3.3V rail first cap appear to be OK (but I guess time will tell.) And as mentioned above, some of these PSUs come stock with a few United Chemicon KZE here and there (I have not seen a HiPro full of KZEs from the factory yet.)

Anyways, I think that is all I have for now. I might even post the 350 Watt version of this PSU here. It's almost the same thing inside as well, just with bigger rectifiers and heatsinks. Capacitor-wise, it's the same deal, except for a few of the very small 5x11 caps.
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