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Default Re: How a plasma display panel (PDP) works

Line bleed is caused by finite nonzero resistance of the scan driver ICs and panel electrodes. Fundamental limitation of plasmas. You can get it with LCDs too on certain very high contrast images or with certain patterns.

The scan drivers are shift registers, have nothing to do with the image though, they just select which line to load one after another.

SEL = choose even/odd line
SIU = serial data input
OC1 = enable set 1
OC2 = enable set 2
CLK = serial data clock
(just guesses)

Glad you have a "spare" TV lying around. the SUS do not need isolation, the SCAN do, for the PASS-FET output (this blocks SUS from shorting the ramp waveforms which would be destructive.)

Perhaps try replicating as much of the SC board as possible (full schem available for U30, I think) then try changing it for your preferences.

DS1102D doesn't have a phosphor display so is pushing the capabilities of such an instrument.
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