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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

Originally Posted by Wester547 View Post
So was the issue the fact that the leads had decomposed or was it the soft rubber?
Just soft rubber. Nothing wrong with it actually, until you try to desolder the cap and pull a bit harder on the leads. So when pulling Panasonic caps for re-use, I always try to be more gentle.

Originally Posted by Wester547 View Post
I recall some folks noting on this forum that Panasonic FC are known to leak as well over time
I *think* that was a claim made by stj (but please excuse me if I got it wrong). Don't ask me what thread, though, because I can't remember even if my life depended on it.

Originally Posted by Wester547 View Post
I hope not another solution that's prone to leaking over time like the quaternary ammonium salts of the late 80s / early 90s.
Actually, speaking of this, I just noticed yesterday that I had some small Nichicon PM 5x11 mm caps leaking a little from both leads (green, puffy corrosion near the bung). So far, it only seems to be a bag of eight 16 V 100 uF caps only. I bought them back in 2010 or 2011 (or possibly early 2012) and used only a few, I think. Hopefully, this is just an isolated case with those caps and not a whole series problem. PM is supposed to be a replacement series for PL, so I wonder if they still have those quaternary ammonium salts problems. Meanwhile, it seems that my various bags of Nichicon PS caps (bought at same time as PM above) seem to be okay. PS is supposedly a replacement series for PR.

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