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Test ATTO N322 network card ROM on Myllenox NIC

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    Test ATTO N322 network card ROM on Myllenox NIC

    I tried to order the Myllenox model that looked most similar to the ATTO NIC (as the ATTO card [is] a Myllenox NIC with modified ROM). Unfortunately, what looked like (close to) identical board+chip layouts in blurry & stock pictures were slightly different once purchased. Still, as the ATTO has a ROM which lets it get identified by a MacOS ... I wanted to try the ATTO ROM on the Myllenox NIC.

    Any reason [not] to:

    1. Back up the Myllenox ROM
    2. Copy the ATTO ROM

    3. Write ATTO ROM to Myllenox & test if the NIC is recognized by MacOS?
    4. If anything doesn't work, just revert the Myllenox ROM back to factory..?

    Myllenox ConnectX-4 LX CX4121C // MCX4121A-ACAT, Dual Port, SFP28

    ATTO NIC Model: N322, Dual Port, SFP28

    Attached pictures are actual pictures including the (identical) ROMs.

    Both ROMs are: 25Q128JVSQ 2143

    Attached Files