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Default Delta DPSN-96AP (xbox version 1.0 power supply)

(I have posted this question on other forums also, mostly xbox forums, but this forum has to do with bad capacitors, and seeing that my problem has a bad capacitor in it, I thought I'd post it here too.)

I just recently got an xbox off of ebay knowing that the power supply wasn't working in the hopes that I could repair it. I took a look inside and sure thing there was a capacitor and some sort of chip that were looking kinda burnt. I have attached a whole lot of pictures for all your consideration to see if you can help me out with what I have to do.

Just two days ago I ordered a soldering gun, solder, flux, and a multimeter in order to do this project. I am assuming that all I have to do is desolder the 'daughter board', desolder the capacitor and chip and then find replacement parts then solder the whole thing back again. My question is: I haven't been able to find that chip online anywhere - you can clearly see the serial number on it, but I could not identify the part. Any help to identify the chip that I need to order would be much appreciated. I also forgot to mention that my power supply is a DPSN-96AP.

On the chip itself you can read out 1L3 then under that DN**001D. You can not really make out the two stars **. However, there is a thread on another forum that shows a similar (I am thinking identical) power supply as mine. (It can be found here

In the first post of that thread, you can see the similar chip to mine - you can read that the chip has a "1M2" then under that "DNA1001D". Once again, help finding what this chip and where I could get one from would be much appreciated.

I'm pretty sure that the capacitor that I need is a 25v 47uf one. As to the size that I need (I guess speaking in terms of mm) I'm kinda clueless. I heard that Rubycon has really good capacitors. Any ideas for what brand I should get? Also, where can I order a few (like 5) for cheap?

I am also concerned about a few more things: In this thread, it seemed like there were a few problem spots on this power supply. I took pictures of R901, D902, and the fuse (or at least what I think is the fuse).

D902 has a small brown blemish next to one of the contacts. I also took a picture of the underside of the board and it too has a small brown blemish. I was hoping if anyone could help identify if its burnt out and if so, what replacement part I need to get.

The following are all the pictures I've uploaded. I could get more if you require them.

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Delta DPSN-96AP (xbox version 1.0 power supply)

Hi m3thlot,

This thread has some info on the DNA1001. Did a quick googling and still havn't narrowed anything down except that I also found this: - looks like they used a UC3842 as a replacement ( for the page at Fairchild)
. Havn't had time to look at the pics you attached but will soon.

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Default Re: Delta DPSN-96AP (xbox version 1.0 power supply)

Check out the last couple of posts - they are mine and DarkMatter has some interesting pointers. I'm just kinda cross foruming this because working together is better :-)
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Default Re: Delta DPSN-96AP (xbox version 1.0 power supply)

By the way, thank you very much tiggerific, I think I am narrowing this problem down and will eventually get a solution. I am just trying to find out what replacement I need, get someone to confirm that it will work, and then try and tackle the problem.
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Default Re: Delta DPSN-96AP (xbox version 1.0 power supply)

m3thlot, i dunno if guy here
used uc3842 as a direct replacememnt, or just as a starting point to essentially make his own regulating circuit(i think that's more likely, judging by his words...).

so grab uc3842 datasheet(you should be able to find one on fairchilld web) and compare to your dna circuit(ie, see if caps and other elements are connected to same pins of the ic etc.).

it's easier for you to trace paths than it is for us just by looking at those pix.

starting points:
in this pic
we see a yellow capacitor, one electrolytic capacitor and resistor.
see at what pins of ic they're connected to, and then coampre that to uc3842 datasheet electric diagram. are same elements there connected to same pins of the dna chip?
you should also inspect traces that go away from daughter-board. a particular pin of ic should be hooked to secondary side via optocuopler in this case
elements above "IC3") etc.

but depending on the voltages xbox requires i dunno would i be touching this psu at all.
esp. if one could easilly hook pc psu there...yeah, it's big, but xbox is not portable play system anyway...
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