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Default Re: RAID5 failure: 2 bad HDD's at the same time

RAID protects against drive failures, kinda...
But you need to know the disadvantages or the effect it has on the other drives!

For example, if you have a 4 drive RAID5 and one drive fails, you can still work.
But if you have 4 identical drives, chances are the other 3 are also on their last legs and will die soon as well. As the Wear and Tear on all drives is similar...

So you need to update your backup ASAP, get 4 new drives (or if its older, you might be able to get 2 and go for RAID1 or 3 Drive RAID5 or 4 Drive RAID6 instead) and copy the content of the RAID to the new storage.

The old RAID you either keep for safety/emergency Backup or you destroy the drives. But you must not rebuild the array if its older than a couple of weeks...

if you make it new and after a week, one drive fails, you can think of replacing the disc and rebuilding the Array...
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