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Default Re: Is it possible to recover a gamepad's firmware after accidentally erasing it?

Hey, people. I'd like your input.

Does anybody think it's worth to keep trying to recover the firmware? To me, it's starting to look more and more like a waste of time, since the chance of it actually working is pretty slim. Here's why:
  1. I'd need to order a SWD programmer, since I don't currently own one;
  2. Correctly identifying the proper connections looks like it'll be a challenge, assuming the labeling makes any sense. I'm starting to suspect it may not. You can see from the photos DEBUG_KC and DEBUG_SC are connected to the sticks and a few points have multiple labels ;
  3. The firmware I found needs to be compatible. Though it looks like it might, I'll probably not work fully (for instance, the battery indicator likely won't).
  4. After all, I can't really be sure the issue is actually a corrupt firmware, so it could be all a waste.

I'm thinking of scrapping the main board and using the daughter boards (most of the buttons are on them), the battery, the motors, the sticks and the case to make a "new" controller. It seems a cheap ATtiny88 would be good enough (it has enough pins, I hope I can fit what I need into 8k ). Then I'd just need a Li-Ion charger, a Bluetooth module and a few simple components. I think that could be quite a learning experience.

Of course, there may be no turning back from that. But hey, it's not working anyway, right?

So what do you think (and what would you do)?
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