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Default Re: Soyo SY-6VBA133 - no POST

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Could we see some pictures of your board and work? If it worked before (or at least POSTed) and not now, then it may help to trace back what you did. Not necessarily implying that your broken it, as there could have been an issue with the board beforehand, waiting for someone to touch the "right spot" on the motherboard to break it.

So the more info and pictures we have, the better.
Check the best cheap/free scores thread. I already scrapped it in favor of a 6BA+IV model that also has a HPT366 RAID controller, as well as the more versatile 440BX chipset instead of VIA 693.

Wasn't such a big loss. I'm holding off recapping the 6BA+IV until I can get a proper wattage soldering iron that is more powerful (at least 60-100W) because of the huge power planes around the CPU. A low wattage iron was the 6VBA133's demise - because it was 40W, I struggled so hard to get the caps out that I destroyed the internal layers of the board and also somehow I managed to fuse the cap holes with the whole plane they were on, shorting out the VRM.

All in all, it wasn't worth beating a dead horse - I already took all jumpers and BIOS chip, and scrapped it in favor of a 6BA+IV I just got from the same dude that sold me the 6VBA133. This one just had some scratched traces, nothing a cutter and a few dabs of solder couldn't fix.
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