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Default Re: Hitachi LE55A6R9A - No backlight

I'm bot sure what the thread etiquette is on this forum so if I have breached it with this post, I apologize in advance. I'm bot sure if I can even start threads yet.

Anyway, I have the same tv as the OP of this thread. As far as I can tell (watching youtube vids), all 3 of the main boards in my tv are good.
It has sounds but no video.

The flashlight test shows me images very light when I hit the menu button.

I now find myself still unsure how to proceed. It sounds like my 2 potential issues are:
Led inverter board or
Led strips themselves

So, do I just buy both and go with it? I prefer to be a cheap-a$$ when possible.

Also, is it an absolute must to buy specific led strip "kits" specific to each model tv, or can I just sub in some led strips I picked up on ebay for $10. These particular ones run off of 12vdc I believe.

A little about me, I am a competent arcade monitor (crt) repair guy, and overall good at repairs on arcade games and pinball machines.

I certainly encourage input, and will not be offended easily.
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