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About a year ago I had a Powmax 500 watt power supply incinerate itself... Smoke poured out of the case, and the PC obviously stopped workin...

I took the cover off and the switch-mode transistor had burnt beyond recognition, along with everything around it... With that kind of damage I didn't even think to look at the caps... HEH...

I've since thrown it away, but I'll keep my eyes open... I frequently recommend and use Powmax supplies!!

The 'nrsy' caps I've seen and removed bad ones from a DFI and an old dual slot2 Supermicro board. Thank God my new Supermicro doesn't have 'em... The X5DAL-TG2 has over 40 caps in it... I wouldn't even wanna recap that one... It's got a 2 year warranty though...

I've never encountered 'Rulycon' caps, but from the photo you posted, the Rulycon had a swollen top... A sign of lousy quality... Rubycon, on the other hand, I've seen many of those in many motherboards and different devices. I havent' seen any bad ones yet though.

HMM Recap this bad boy... HEH... Even I wouldn't look forward to it...
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