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Converting HP EliteBook 840 G7 non-touch to touch if possible

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    Converting HP EliteBook 840 G7 non-touch to touch if possible

    I am trying to convert a HP EliteBook 840 G7 notebook from a non-touch to a touchscreen. I purchased a complete touch LCD assembly with a screen/back cover/bezel/video cable and swapped it out with the original non-touch LCD assembly.
    The screen works but the touch does not. I know the new LCD assembly is completely functional because we tried it on a similar touchscreen EliteBook 840 G7 and the touch works there.
    I contacted the seller and he said screen conversion like this will not work due some difference in the motherboard for non-touch and touch capable EliteBook 840 G7.

    Does anyone has experience dealing with a similar issue? Is there something on the motherboard that needs to be altered in order for the touch screen to work on a previously non-touch notebook?


    One thing comes to mind is the bios ic chip version might not be the right one for a touch screen because if not then this might be one reason why it does not work even though you have working hardware

    Also did you download the drivers for the touch screen as well and did windows recognize it if not then probably because of what I pointed out above could be the reason why it not working
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      Clearly, the issue is with the motherboard. HP produces many versions of this motherboard. I tried reflashing the bios from a touchscreen computer to no avail.

      I kind of gave up on the idea and instead purchased and then repaired a non-functioning touchscreen Elitebook.


        It's from the bios, it's easy on the 840 G1-G4/820-G1-G3 including 1040 and 1030 to G3 but from G5 above I've been finding it difficult to do so.