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  • PS5 EDM-020 Beep but no light or fan spin

    I have a PS5 in my shop that beeps when the power button is pressed but the light does not turn on and the fan doesn’t move at all. I tried replacing the power supply because it had some roach bodies in it but the rest of the device had no signs of infestation, and it does the exact same thing. Then I tried replacing the HDMI chip (MN864739) because I saw somewhere that it could be the culprit but still no change. Does anyone have any other suggestions or things I should test on the board or is it likely dead? Thanks!
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  • PS5 ON but no display

    Hi everyone, I have a PS5 with image problem.

    I have changed filters, HDMI port, 100 nF cap, Zenner diode, TPS2552D voltage regulator, there are no shorts between pins and there is continuity to their respective lines...
    I made the diode scale measurements on each PIN based on an internet image and the values vary from 10-30 ohms to the referred value, the same in the IC the values vary from 10-30 ohms.
    But it still doesn't give an image, the TV recognizes the console as "PS5 game console" but that's it.
    I have already tried two different TVs and two HDMI...
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