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question about Lenovo ideapad 100 - 15IBD

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    question about Lenovo ideapad 100 - 15IBD

    Hi ,

    Now I have this Lenovo pad 100 - 15IBD.I did check for shorts , and if voltages are good.
    It starts good and all posts are good as well.

    As I don't have the adapter , I connected to my power supply with the correct
    pin adapter for this Lenovo pad.
    On my PSU I see that the current is fluctuating all the time.So , it is not a stable current.

    My question , is this because it is a SOC with the PCH on the same chip ??
    I understand that the demand for power (energy) can vary each second.

    Or is there something not good.

    The picture looks fine - no problems there

    Re: question about Lenovo ideapad 100 - 15IBD

    You have powered your computer with a compatible power supply. You got the panel view, no problem. variable current confused you? SOC and PCH are the same. The current can change during the process.
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      Re: question about Lenovo ideapad 100 - 15IBD

      Thank you for the feedback.
      Yes, everything is working good.The screen is excellent.
      The power supply I use for all the laptops.I bought the different connector pin set for different models laptops.

      With the most laptops the current is more or less stable.But with this Lenovo pad , it is changing rapidly , almost every second.

      I'm not sure what to think about it.I put the latest Win10 on it and no problems so far.