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Dell Inspiron 5567 2 amber 6 white error

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    Dell Inspiron 5567 2 amber 6 white error

    Hi everyone
    I have this Dell Inspiron 5567 laptop that shows 2 amber 6 white error when I try to turn it on it's fan starts to work at very high speed even though I just turned it on and laptop is cold, screen is black but it shows very dim lines for less than a second when I click on power button. I used it like 4 years and I got this error so I didn't used it for last 3 years.
    The error it gives is for motherboard chipset issue.
    I Read some topics that something is wrong with bios but I don't really know how to flash the bios using another bios file. So I really appreciate if someone can help me.

    And my motherboard is BAL20 LA-D801P REV:1.0 (A00) 2016.09.30
    CPU i7 7500u
    GPU amd r7 m440