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eureka dsr c60 not cooling moist only

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    eureka dsr c60 not cooling moist only

    my refrigerator model eureka dsr c60 is not cooling only moist, but the light is turn on and compressor is sounds too loud this is what i checked

    1.relay - ok continuity
    2.overload - ok continuity
    3.thermostat - ok continuity
    4.evaporator when i touch it is cold
    5.condenser not warm / filter not warm
    6.i hear running like water sounds on evaporator

    do you think it is a compressor problem?? please help

    Re: eureka dsr c60 not cooling moist only

    It's a rare fridge, Eureka ESDR-C60 it's only in the Phillipines.
    I can't find any service manual/wiring or parts etc. to help you.

    If the compressor is noisy, it is likely worn out. Or the system pressure is low, some fridges corrode the tubing and it leaks out. I don't know what the evap noises are about.


      Re: eureka dsr c60 not cooling moist only

      The evaporator nose is usually a sign that it could be low on Freon or restricted because of a clogged filter drier or a restricted cap tube which in either case not usually cost effective to be repaired I am not one to just replace something but I have tried to do this in the past and will not even do this for my own use

      In window air conditioning units sometimes it cost effective depending on weather or not the system is not contaminated with carbon or acid or a combination of the two because of overheating the compressor then it is not cost effective to repair

      In a past life I was air conditioning and refrigeration technician and did this for about 10 years

      This should tell you something this is the reason I did not chime in earlier until someone else commented on this post
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