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Soldering job beyond repair?

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    Soldering job beyond repair?

    Been trying to repair my monitor's circuit board. There are many ceramic capacitors the side of a needle head. Unfortunately, I don't have a steady hand, and after many trials, the solder from both sides of the capacitor are gone, and I can't get any new ones to stick. I'm not an expert, so I don't know exactly how an electrical connection is established. Is it where the soldering is supposed to be? If so, I might have burned through the board. I see the yellow/orange color and no sign of circuitry where the solder used to be. Actually, I'm trying to solder back a resistor that I removed to test something, so I'm not sure if I can somehow solder it back on when there isn't any of the old solder on both sides for it to stick to. Here's a picture of what I need to do.

    Re: Soldering job beyond repair?

    You may have lifted the pads. Can you post a photo of your board showing the problem area?
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