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Default Sharp LC-32SB24U - backlight bulbs

I have a TV (Sharp LC-32SB24U) and the power light just blinks. I've reset the TV and from what I read on the internet this is protection mode due to bad backlight bulbs (not the inverter from what I've read) and I was wondering if anyone has any information on how to replace the backlight bulbs and where I may obtain them? Thank you in advance for any info and Happy Thanksgiving

I read this (below) on a website that describes exactly what my tv is doing and this is what lead me to believe its the backlight bulbs. I dont see any swollen caps or burnt spots on the ac board.

"It has gone into self protect mode, this is usually due to a bad backlight bulb. To verify, hold power and input buttons down together for about 10 seconds, until the flashing green changes to steady. Then press power button if needed to turn on. Look at the screen for a discolored or dim area as a horizontal stripe. It will only run for a few seconds like this. The problem is not in the supply board but in the bulbs themselves."
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Default Re: Sharp LC-32SB24U - backlight bulbs

I've figured out its just the bulbs. Very common problem with this TV. A work around is to jump the C7558 Capacitor on the backside of the AC Board (green side) with a small piece of wire (I don't advise you to do this though.) It is located about an inch below the BD9883 chip. Once I did that I just had to clear out the trouble codes in the tv, unplug it, wait a few seconds, plug it back and wallah, it works perfectly! I can tell when the screen is dark that a CCFL bulb needs to be replaced but when there is a picture on the tv it looks perfect! I will replace the bulbs anyway and then remove the jumper. The CCFL backlight lamp in the LCD panel part# is RLMPLA029WJN1 and costs around $18.00 each. There are 10 bulbs in this TV and if just 1 is bad it will cause this behavior. You may not have to replace all 10 but I will just to know they are all new. I thought I would post this info here in case anyone else needs the info. Also it may just be a bulb has been knocked out of the socket, check them carefully (with TV unplugged) before you just replace them all
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Default Re: Sharp LC-32SB24U - backlight bulbs

How much are the bulbs and where are you buying them from? Is it worth all the trouble on a 32"?
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