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Default Re: Panasonic NVGS50 camcorder backlight issue

I can claim for sure that when the backlight issue occured, everything was operating well (tape was loading and I was able to record/play movies on the tape). According to this and the fact that an R1002 removal or breakage would necessarily lead to no NOREG, I had a look at the schematics, and understood that NOREG and M NOREG (M stands for monitor?) are not the same power line as they have IP1003 in between them.

And what I thought was R1002 is IP1003. That all makes sense and as you suggested, the V marking most likey means it is a fuse. And yes, when IP1003 is blown, there is no backlight but NOREG, which drives the tape mechanism engines is still available.
So an IP1003 breakage can only be due to some overcurrent from the monitor as M NOREG powers only the backlight.

So R1002 is for sure OK as without it even the zoom in/out would not work.

When the mechanism is closed without a tape, not sure if the capstan is turning as the noise from loading motor and transmission overrides capstan noise. But without a tape, the mechanism closes normally.

As far as I know nothing bent in the mechanism so really strange that I'm getting this issue.
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