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Default Re: Panasonic NVGS50 camcorder backlight issue

You WILL get the error if R1002 is removed, It should act just like it did when you first posted, with R1002 removed there is no voltage going to the cyl/cap/loading ic. Did you even try a tape in the unit when you had the problem with no backlight on the monitor display?
I would reinstall R1002 and try and find out what is not working, Is the capstan turning when the mechanism is closed without inserting a tape?
I am guessing the tape never did load and what ever caused the problem, is what opened R1002, You saw it had no backlight and thought that was your only problem, but the missing backlight was just the result of the missing 8 volts. It was not the monitor that blew R1002 it was something else, maybe something was jamed or bent in the mechanism causing one of the motors to draw too much current.

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