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Default Re: Panasonic NVGS50 camcorder backlight issue

It must be that something else caused r1002 to go open, not the monitor circuit, what you could do is remove R1002 and see if the camera operates as before, If it does, then I suspect the problem is elsewere.
R1002 supplies the NOREG line (page74), that line also goes to (page78), IC2201 (cyl/cap loading motor drive)
This circuit with ic2201, could not have been working with R1002 open. I think this is what caused R1002 to go open and NOT the monitor circuit, the no backlight was just a result of the missing 8 volts, but the real cause could be with the mechanism overloading ic2201.
The NOREG line also supplies the lens drive (page 58)

The video drum (1 inch cylinder) should be free to spin, check that it is not stuck.

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