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Default Re: Philips FR-740 working but no audio output

Originally Posted by R_J View Post
That does'nt seem like it works right, so TEST EEPROM = PASS
Well the reason the amp is not turned on is the missing +4.9V on diode 6306 (page79) amp lr on.
I guess you could lift the anode of diode 6305 and feed it +5 volts to see if the amp turns on and is ok. You could have a bad 7412 (hef4094bt)
Yes exactly, test = pass and format = new.
Tried to connect anode 6305 AMP IR ON to AMP S ON that was at 5.2V, but now they are both 0.4V

I tried also to desolder the anode from the mainboard to disconnect it from the circuit, and solder the anode directly to pin 2 of 1426 (5.2V).
Now i have 4.6V on that pin, but no audio. Could 7309 be in short?

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