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Visor GPS software

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  • MHVishal
    Re: Visor GPS software

    Reduces GPS screen glare and reflections caused by bright daylight conditions.
    Easy to install / remove No velco strip /tape needed such as those used in copeting products.
    Thanks for the information.

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  • pentium
    started a topic Visor GPS software

    Visor GPS software

    I know I really should not be asking but I spent $10 today and got a Magellan GPS companion Springboard module for my Classic Handspring Visor and while the GPS works I did not get the software CD for it so I can't work with maps or stuff like that (and that limits me to whatever is currently programmed into the GPS right now and there's not much).
    Would anyone here have a copy of that CD and care to send me the files that are on it (or an ISO of the disc)? I wanna program in some maps of Vancouver for when I go there again.