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  • A1311 Power supply

    Hello !
    I am repairing an iMAc A1311 main board 820--3126A and power supply board 614--0445.
    Does this power supply have a 0 Ohm resistor (R106) with one side connected to ground and the other to pin 5 of the 12V S0 connector? I don't understand and I don't have an electrical diagram for this source.
    Can someone help me ?
    Thank you​
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  • LG 39ln575s - power ON, backlight ON but no screen

    LG 39ln575s - power ON, backlight ON but no screen.
    I checked TCon board V390HJ1-CE1 and VCL -8V, VCH 30.2V.
    Display is HC390DUN. With both strip is backlight only - nothing on the screen.
    If I put 1st strip off, I see 50% black 50% white. If I put 2nd strip off, see some lines vertical/horizontal with pink color (probably color of LG logo) and after that, white on thle left corner.

    The IC chip CM501 (probably booster for VCL and VCH is hot - after 1 minute is not possible to put finger for more than half second.. So I think it has got about 70C. Is it normal?...
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  • MacBook Air 2337 - Right I/O Board Audio IC - Alternative Replacement?


    I'm working on a MacBook Air A2337 that had liquid damage on the right I/O board. I ultrasonic cleaned the board and it all functions except the computer has no audio. I tried reballing the audio IC which is [B]TAS5770AC0[/B], but that did not restore audio. I could just replace the entire board, but I wanted to see if replacing the audio IC would fix it first. Mouser has a similar audio IC in stock which is [B]TAS5770LC0YFFR, [/B]but I wasn't sure if it is compatible. I was just wondering if anyone knew if I could use the one from mouser as an acceptable replacement or if...
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  • CPU socket replacement soldering profile

    [SIZE=14px][FONT=Arial]Hi All - I am hoping someone can help with some pointers (complete noob here!)

    I have recently purchased a Scotle HR460 BGA reball machine (it's a bit old and I think the company no longer exists either), but as far as I can tell it is a competent and unmolested machine that should be good enough for my needs.
    My biggest problem is that it came with no profiles, and I must re-create all of them from scratch, something that is very scary for someone that doesn't really know what they are doing.
    The simple stuff like a small memory module isn't a big
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  • thinkstation p410 bios dump

    thinkstation p410 please i need bios dump...
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  • Asus X540LJ REV 2.1 Disable Onboard Ram.

    Has anyone been doiyng this on this motherboard, this particular one gives me blue screen from time to time, tested the onboard ram but i have no errors , i would still try to disable them and try only with the slot . Can anyone help me with the resistors to move or a modified bios?
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  • ledro
    started a topic Smartbook SB N13

    Smartbook SB N13

    i need help with this bios,
    laptop starts but no display.
    Smartbook SB N13
    sn: SN2018NB130005371
    mb: INET Z313J REV10 2017-10-10...
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  • Backlights for LG 55LF631V

    Dear friends,

    I need a set of backlights for this model. I do not have the part number and wasn't able to find a set. The Tv is still on site so I would need to get the parts in hand and repair on same day.
    Found for a similar model 55LF630V but am not sure if they are actually same type.

    Anyone here has some info please?...
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  • Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH6 need bios

    Hi everyone i have laptop Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH6 need bios . .
    model board is HY56F / HY56H NM-D821
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    Last edited by arber1232; Today, 07:36 AM. Reason: I removed it because I messed up the bin

  • Need schema tic or boardview LENOVO L15 Gen 3 ( Ref LG4 LT5 ADL RT UMA MB )

    Hello ,
    Need Schema or boardview Lenovo L15 gen 3
    Button power not workHello ,
    Need Schema or boardview Lenovo L15 gen 3
    Button power not work...
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    Last edited by SMDFlea; Today, 05:00 AM.

  • samtron786
    started a topic Tablet Lenovo TB-X103F

    Tablet Lenovo TB-X103F

    Good afternoon,

    Hello friends, I'm looking for the circuit diagram
    Model: A6505_PK85a is 2917 H103C​
    Thank you
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  • OMEN by HP Laptop 16-c0002dx G3KQ DAG3KQMBAD0 REV.D

    OMEN by HP Laptop 16-c0002dx G3KQ DAG3KQMBAD0 REV.D

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    Last edited by mhdted; Today, 03:55 AM.

  • Circuit board starts only when warm air passes over it.

    I have an air con appliance that doesn't always start when power is applied. I have removed the small control board which is separate from and supplied by a 24v power supply (that works fine) and inspected it for any obvious failed components but can see none. I have discovered that the board will start if I wave a hair dryer over it for a few seconds. The board appears to have no temperature sensors or sensitive components on it. Can anyone suggest what the most likely candidate for a failure mode of this form.
    Many thanks.
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  • Dell latitute 7320 bios password

    I have Dell latitude 7320 bios locked with 8fc8 password. Please help me to unlock. Thanks very much
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  • Weird post problem on a Dell Optiplex 755

    Hi. I am having what seems to me an odd problem with an old Optiplex 755 SFF. It refuses to post without clearing the CMOS (removing the battery). Have tried a number of things like changing RAM, Updating BIOS a couple of times (now at A21). Has anyone run across this and have any ideas for a fix?. Thanks in advance. Paul
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  • HP OMEN 16-WF0032TX NO Power unless the button is held and AC adapter connected

    Hi Guys,

    Got a weird one here. I have a HP OMEN 16-WF0032TX that's in my shop for no power. If I disconnect the battery, and the AC adapter and hold the power-on button on the keyboard, when I connect the adapter the laptop powers on. If I shutdown and close the lid, once I re-open the lid and press the power button, no power. If I shutdown and keep the lid open, when I press the button the laptop powers on.

    I have checked around the display connector if I can see anything that doesn't look right, its like an issue with the lid sensor. Has anyone seen this before?...
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  • Acer laptops and keyboards

    I noticed in manny cases the following : You press the power button and laptop starts turning on and then goes off again, but if you press any key on the keyboard and hold it, the laptop stays on and works fine! The power button works, any other button works , but one button must always be on!

    Has anyone else notice that? I was meaning to write about this topic a few times already , but never got to it, and today i got Aspire A315-42 with i5 10th gen. and it has the same issue and i got mad and now i am writing about it!

    If you hold any button on the keyboard the laptop...
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  • Interesting unusual Panel Defect ?


    [U]Pilot PD43S9HE Led TV . Panel model[/U]: See in photos

    Photos tell it all really. ( added Logo image photo )
    The bulge in the area before the panel Matrix .
    To me it looks like a local short that heated inside.

    Should I waste my time in flipping the panel , as if this issue can be repaired ?
    The distribution board at this end looks ok , though I did not measure anything

    What are your thoughts ?


    [U]Pilot PD43S9HE Led TV . Panel model[/U]: See in photos

    Photos tell it
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    Last edited by Ancient1; Yesterday, 01:29 PM.

  • Sony Android TVs eMMC Issues

    Hi people.

    I have been trying to get my head round these issues with the eMMC putting the TV in to a boot loop condition, or completely dead, when a dump of the Boot 1, Boot 2 and USERDATA partitions have been made, the MLC lifetime counter has been reset, using the original eMMC with the RPMB partition intact and the eMMC is flashed with the original dump, Netflix and a few other Apps don't work. i assume all the DHCP keys and factory programmed RPMB access Key will be contained within the original dump, and as we are re-flashing the original eMMC i would expect every thing to work....
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  • Samsung UE55AU8072U no standby light

    i have here Samsung UE55AU8072U no standby light.
    Panel model : CY-SA055HGXY1V
    Motheboard model : bn41-02844A bn94-16868V
    When i press the power button,standby light turn on,after i release it immediately turns off.
    Unplugged main board from power supply - BACKLIGHTS COME ON.
    I think the motheboard is problem.
    I fixed two TV with same mistake,but they were 6000-series,there was a problem with the contents of the w25q40 chip.
    Here are all dumps : ic801(24c512),ic1603 and ic1604(25q40)....
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  • HP Zbook 15 G4 LA-E161P NO POWER

    I have an HP Zbook 15 G4 (LA-E161P motherboard) which does not start, there was a short on a capacitor supplied with 3V, I replaced it, no short now, I found the 3v voltage but it doesn't start.
    When I plug in the charger, the LEDs flash all the time, when I press the power button the LEDs stop flashing, I saw a post from someone who had the same problem and who had reprogrammed the bios and EC, I tried I reprogrammed everything but the result remains the same, I also changed the SIO chip if ever it was defective, and the 3V chip, but nothing changes.
    Do you have an idea ? THANK ...
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  • Sony KDL-50W685A horizontal black lines Pattern

    good morning! I have a problem with this Sony. The image has a pattern of black horizontal lines, I attach a photo of the lines. The power supply is external and emits a sound. I don't think it's because of that. Let's see if someone can help me.
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  • Lenovo Ideapad 1 14igl05 bios password reset

    Ideapad 1 14IGL05 Model name: 81VU

    Motherboard: S150IGL SVT MB
    S/n R912P879

    I have an original dump from my motherboard (bios password on it)
    Could you help me reset it?
    Thank you

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  • HP Envy 15 does not turn on, only the LED on the PC connector is on!!!

    Hello community. I need your help to resolve the problem with my HP envy 15 notebook mod.15-k111nl. The problem is the following: inserting de connector of the notebook, the LED on the connector lights on but if I pressed the power button it doesn't happen Nothing.
    I did some tests to verify where the fault could be and I noticed there are 3v but the 5v does not arrive.Furthermore I have a series of mosfets that seem to be in short circuit but desoldering them and testing them on the bench they are good. These are the signals that I found:
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  • volcour
    started a topic L14 Gen 2 Type 20X2

    L14 Gen 2 Type 20X2

    hello everyone i need original bios and EC of this laptop

    [COLOR=#2980b9][B]L14 Gen 2 Type 20X2-s2c100[/B][/COLOR]

    SN [COLOR=#e74c3c][B]PF3G8DFB[/B][/COLOR]hello everyone i need original bios and EC of this laptop

    [COLOR=#2980b9][B]L14 Gen 2 Type 20X2-s2c100[/B][/COLOR]

    SN [COLOR=#e74c3c][B]PF3G8DFB[/B][/COLOR]
    hello everyone i need original bios and EC of this laptop

    [COLOR=#2980b9][B]L14 Gen 2 Type 20X2-s2c100[/B][/COLOR]

    SN [COLOR=#e74c3c][B]PF3G8DFB[/B][/COLOR]hello everyone i need original bios and EC of this laptop
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  • ASUS GTX1070 DUAL value of the chip resistor

    Hello! everyone! I would like to know the value of the chip resistor at the location in the image. thank you....
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    Last edited by SMDFlea; Yesterday, 06:11 AM.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6 - m1086841-003 - burned two components, need boardview

    Microsoft Surface Pro 6 - m1086841-003 - burned two components, need boardview
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  • Acer Aspire U5-620 BIOS Dump needed

    Hi, I need bios for Acer Aspire U5-620 All-in-one, Motherboard is Florence23_Intel MB 13093-1 48.3NG05.011, all voltages are ok

    [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"medium","data-attachmentid":3160283}[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"medium","data-attachmentid":3160284}[/ATTACH]Hi, I need bios for Acer Aspire U5-620 All-in-one, Motherboard is Florence23_Intel MB 13093-1 48.3NG05.011, all voltages are ok

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    Last edited by SMDFlea; Yesterday, 05:30 AM.

  • SSD MacBook Pro 2015 not recognized and gets hot

    Hi everyone, a customer brought me an original Apple SSD (mz-jpv2560/0a4) from a 2015 MacBook Pro to ask me to recover the data. He told me that the computer was taken to the Apple center but that there was a problem with the motherboard and therefore it could not be repaired....
    However they removed the SSD so for try to recover data
    I tried to insert this SSD into another 2014 MacBook Pro that I had but the SSD could not be seen either from the recovery or from an operating system started from USB (BigSur or El Capitan)
    I also tried with a USB adapter but nothing
    I also...
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    Last edited by resistor83; Yesterday, 04:18 AM.

  • SONY KDL-40NX700 2 red led blink problem

    When the power is turned on, a snapshot appears on the screen and it turns off. 2 red LEDs are flashing.

    I disconnected the power module cable going to the main board. I threw a power on jumper with 3.3 v from outside. The relay is working and there is 12v and other voltages in the power socket.

    Where else should I look? All fuses appear to be intact.​
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  • Lenovo Gaming 3 15ARH05 NM-D191 - short on SIO, after replace 1.1V instead of 3.3W

    Have this Lenovo Gaming 3 15ARH05 NM-D191 that came with short on SIO and shorted UI1 USBovercurrent protection ic. removed UI1. I accidently ordered IT8227E-192 instead IT8227E-128 but i soldered it. Now i have 1.1V instead of 3.3ALW. i have vin, +3VLP, EC_ON, 5V_LDO - ok, no short on 3.3VALW /2Kohm+/

    where can be problem?

    schematic and BV
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    Last edited by ktmmotocross; Yesterday, 02:32 AM.

  • Acer K272HUL blue power light but black screen, power supply is ok

    Have had two Acer K272HUL monitors die with the same symptoms:

    - Blue power light is illuminated while the monitor is plugged in
    - Black screen (no splash screen, etc.)
    - Power button doesn't do anything

    Opened it up and checked for bad caps and components, evidence of burns, etc. - everything looks fine.

    Power supply voltages are fine.

    There are some signal lines on the power supply harness that goes from the power supply to the logic board, not sure what these should be at.

    Anyone have any ideas?...
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  • Pioneer VSX-1021 MCACC flashing, can't find problem

    Have a Pioneer VSX-1021 that goes to MCACC flashing as soon as it is plugged in.

    If I enter release mode, it powers on, the screen display is correct, but then it shuts down and goes back to MCACC after a few seconds. I can shut it down to standby (w/o flashing MCACC if I hit the power button as soon as release mode finishes the boot sequence).

    Entering reset mode and executing a reset doesn't change this.

    I am unable to enter service mode to see the error counts - Enter + Power button doesn't do anything, whether from normal standby or from MCACC flashing....
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  • xps 9300 no backlight

    Hello friends, does anyone have any ideas? I have an xps 9300 with backlight problems. I already tried the screen on another motherboard but the problem is on the board... I have seen the schematic but I have not been able to find the damaged component... the Fuse is ok, can someone help identify the damaged component please..
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  • HP PRO X2 612 G1, why cant i read the BIOS?

    Dear Badcaps, i got a HP PRO X2 612 G1 with a BIOS password. Im pretty new to the whole BIOS flashing game but i was able to flash a HP Probook 2 weeks ago with help of this forum.
    Now with the HP PRO X2 612 G1 i have the problem that im not 100% sure if i got the right IC and if i am doing everything right in terms of reading it.
    I use the CH341A to read the BIOS. The Chip i try to flash got "771AW G GBA 609B" writen on it. I tried with the 25xxx and the 24xxx slot but i dont get a read from AsProgrammer :/

    I solderd it out and put it on the 25xxx frame that...
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  • Strange problem GA-H110M M.2

    A GA-H110M M.2 motherboard
    due to image corruption
    This motherboard works sometimes, and after half an hour or an hour, the image is corrupted and shows color lines and the system hangs, most of the [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"IMG_20231207_163935.jpg","da ta-attachmentid":3159934}[/ATTACH]time it happens in the BIOS as well.
    With Pliers graphics, the situation is worse and it shows more lines, with Machza graphics it shows only one or two colored lines.
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  • dlid4/d5 la-g202p rev 1.0 board view

    Does anyone have, dlid4/d5 la-g202p rev 1.0 board view, please?
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  • Power board problems bn44 00859a

    Hello. I have a samsung ue55ju6875u that hade led backlight problem and the cause was a glitchy conector to the led feedstrip.

    The problem now is that the wire pin 1 on the led connector broke lose an shorted against the chassie and now the tv is dead, no red light when plugging in the power cord before the short the relay clicked and it was a red light for a few seconds then it blinked 5 times.

    The power board is an bn44 00859a can anyone point me in the right direction what to check to solve the problem or maby someone have an electrical diagram for a bn44 00859a....
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  • MSI GE70 MS-17591 know anybody if can be made DIS to UMA ?

    Have this MSI GE70 MS-17591 that start without picture. It have mighty Nvidia 8600 gpu so i think it is bad. Dont have schematic so if anybody know if DIS to UMA can be made
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  • SuborQ
    started a topic Lenovo x13 gen 2, Bios password

    Lenovo x13 gen 2, Bios password

    Hi, can anyone help to remove the password from this bios please?

    Laptop details are:
    Lenovo LLX-1 MB 203015-1M 448.0MC06.0011 , Mec1503
    SN PW-02NREY
    TN​ 20W9-s27900...
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  • kaffeine
    started a topic Thinkpad L470, i5-7200u question

    Thinkpad L470, i5-7200u question

    I have a Thinkpad L470 type 20J5 with serial number PF-0UQXWL.
    I bought a new bios chip Micronix 25L12873F and tried to program it with CH341A. I used a bios .bin file I found on the forums here with no luck.
    The problem is I have no dump file, and erased the chip. Motherboard will start, CPU Fan will run for 2-3 seconds, then stops. Nothing else.
    This is a "project" machine and not my main.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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  • ASUS M5A78L-M USB3 rev 1.01 Not power. Suspecting ASP1003QGK

    I have ASUS M5A78L-M USB3 rev 1.01.
    The power supply didn't work. I have changed it to another one.
    Main responds on the button. The power supply starts up.
    P_VCORE_EN, comes to ASP1003QGK-C, but PU1 (PWM power supply to the processor) does not start.
    HUB SU1 SB710 (A14) FCBGA528 AMD 218-0660017 receives only one 1.2V supply. Doesn't start and stays cold.
    SPI, has all voltages risen but there is no exchange.
    Power sequence stops at step 10.
    At the same time, NU1 RS780L FCBGA528(HDMI) AMD 215-0674058-00 receives all power and heats up.
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  • lolohacko
    started a topic dag3dbmb8d0 g3pa

    dag3dbmb8d0 g3pa

    I need bios :
    model : 15-fa1093dx
    mb: dag3dbmb8d0 rev d g3pa
    Prodid : 7N3S2U#ABA

    Orginal Backup:...
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  • rex98
    started a topic Asus S530U boardview please..

    Asus S530U boardview please..

    need boardview or schematic for Asus S530U. maybe someone have here..
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  • akcn
    started a topic Pegatron_P2JCC_Rev_2.0A_Boardview


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  • guyandpit
    started a topic need Bios for asus tuf fx506iv

    need Bios for asus tuf fx506iv

    hello guys im looking original bios for Asus tuf FX506IV. below are the details:

    issue: power indicator, charging and keyboard have light and fans spin looks normal but no display. this my friend laptop, he is playing sudden died.

    model: FX506IV-AL11T
    s/n: L9NRCX069883397
    board: dabkxbmbad0 rev. d

    i already backup the bin file. if needed let m know thank you and more power to all!
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  • schematic for askey rtl0010vw

    I need schematic for
    "ASKEY RTL0010VW"
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  • Bios for Dell Inspiron 7573, laptop wont post, original bios attached

    Device: Laptop
    Brand: Dell
    Model: Inspiron 7573 2-in-1
    Service Tag:1G8B6P2
    Board number: kylo ren 15 16841-1 H7TJX

    Symptoms: With original bios the laptop will not post, keyboard and power light flash on/off upon pressing power button and no fans spin. Attempted to use bios found on here and with other bios the laptop powers on and fans run at full speed and stays running but will not post.

    original bios is attached. Many thanks in advance!
    Badcaps - Capacitor Search Engine & Electronics Repair Forum
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  • D48-D0 flickering/flashing at a very constant rate

    I have a D48-D0 that works on all counts except the backlights flash at a constant frequency of about 3-4 times a second. I used the Voltage measurements as seen in this thread ([URL][/URL]) to compare mine.

    With CN301 unplugged with set on I have about 90VDC
    With CN301 plugged in of course the V varies based on the flickering

    These pins have 1.86 VDC not the 3.3 as shown here:...
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  • bios for M720q Desktop (ThinkCentre) - Type M 10YC

    I need bios for M720q Desktop Type M 10YC please!

    Thanks in advance.​
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  • ASUS ROG G513IE BIOS needed - board model G513-6050A3249301-MB-A03(A3)


    If anyone can help with a BIOS for this laptop it would be greatly appreciated (I even promise a forum donation!) - basically after battery removal, I powered on and got a brief flash of a message about making a recovery BIOS USB (which I have tried multiple times, to no avail) but then just a black screen. Since attempting a BIOS recovery, I don't even now get that brief message, so whether it did actually start trying to update or not I'm not sure, but nothing appeared on screen at any point.

    I've now removed the chip from the board and taken a dump file from it...
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    Last edited by themosttogain; 12-08-2023, 04:32 PM.

  • ZoneMind6006
    started a topic Lenovo Legion R9000K bin

    Lenovo Legion R9000K bin

    Enjoy, not tried it myself, for a very high end laptop. Grabbed it off one of these sites that forces you to pay in order to see their BIOS bin dumps. I might do another run on one of those if someone wants something specific, not now though.

    Hope it'll help someone out....
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  • Bins and dumps for Lenovo 100-15IBD NM-A681

    Here's all the bins and other related stuff I have for this old machine. I have a good collection but most stuff has already been posted here so trying to contribute some "fresh" content, hopefully it'll help someone....
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  • pokyss1
    started a topic LG 15z970 bios

    LG 15z970 bios


    LG 15z970-gr3hk


    13/14/15Z970 MAIN B/D PCB REV 1.4...
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  • Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface No Power.

    I have a Steinberg UR44 audio interface that I had in storage for a few years, and now that I want to use it doesn't power on. I want to take this opportunity to learn electronics repair so I am trying to repair it for learning experience.

    I am looking for guidance on how to proceed with troubleshooting the problem.

    I have checked the original power supply with a multi meter and it works.

    I visually inspected the PCB board and don't see any issues, except what looks like a possible broken fuse but not sure. I checked it for continuity it reads 97 ohms, but...
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    Last edited by Young_Silent_Made_IT; 12-08-2023, 05:41 PM.

  • c_demian
    started a topic Asus FX516PE bios password

    Asus FX516PE bios password

    Asus Tuf Dash F15, model FX516PE.
    Can you help me decrypt or remove bios setup password?
    Already tried removing power, it has no CMOS battery.
    Also, pressing Alt + R at the bios password prompt doesn't work.
    Decoding with xor method doesn't give anything, encrypted string is 32 bytes....
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  • Legion t 5 front audio panel connection problem

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me solve my problem, I have the case of a legion t5 where I have installed an asus tuf gamig a520m-plus motherboard, the audio connection cable on the case is an F_audio connector with 14 PIN , on my new motherboard the connector is a 10-pin AAFP, I saw that there are adapters on sale but at the moment I have no way of having them available in a short time, I made several attempts and managed to listen from the front headphones, only that there are some problems, the headphones are only detected if the microphone is connected, I definitely got confused with...
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  • Techwood child lock eeprom dump

    I have a techwood 50ao11uhda It has a child lock on the password has been forgotten that I can't figure out how to remove before I go buy a new main board I was wondering if anyone had a dump of the eeprom for this so I could flash it and save some moneys thankyou joshua
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