Capacitor Repair Warranty

How long do you warranty the new capacitors?

For all our recaps (except USFF systems): We warranty our premium grade capacitors for a period of 2 years from the date of completion. If they fail, we will recap the board again at no cost to you. We'll even pay the return shipping! That's how confident we are in the capacitors we use! Honestly, we've been doing this almost a decade now, and we've NEVER had a board come back with failed capacitors.

Note for ultra small form factor (USFF) systems

We only extend a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on Ultra Small Form Factor systems. These are systems such as Dell SX270 and SX280's, GX620 USFF, and GX745 USFF. The reason is that they are very compact, and very poorly ventilated, meaning that even good caps can fail given the right conditions. They run very hot as it is, and they overheat easily if not properly vented or cooled. For example, if its on a business network and never shut off, the caps will fail much sooner than normal. Another thing that kills these boxes is improper or lack of maintenance. They tend to become clogged up with dust bunnies and need to be blown out once in a while. If they aren't, they stop breathing, and that's a relatively quick death for any electrolytic capacitor. These systems aren't known as 'toaster boxes' for nothing!! While the odds of your SFF system failing again in its useful lifetime are slim, there's always the chance, given the heat these boxes create, so we do want to be clear on this.

What if my motherboard doesn't survive or fails burn-in?

While this is a VERY RARE occurrence, it does happen from time to time! This happens if the board has some other physical damage (surface mount components knocked off from careless handling by the owner is the most common). When a board arrives, we inspect it carefully for such damage PRIOR to rebuilding it. If we see damage, we will contact you immediately and make you aware of it, and the risks of continuing.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the bad caps can cause irreversible damage to the motherboard. Obviously, this isn't detectable until the repairs are already done. Once the new capacitors are installed, we will not remove them and reuse them in another board! In these cases, there are two options that you can choose from for prepaid boards:

1) We will return the board to you with a refund for anything you paid over the minimum charge! You STILL pay return shipping if you want the board back!

2) THIS OPTION IS AT OUR DISCRETION, but is your choice. If there's nothing we can salvage from the board, we would have no use for it as parts, and it will be returned. If we can use it as salvage, we will refund the entire amount, and we keep the board for the scrap and parts pile.

If you chose to pay with PayPal and your board doesn't survive, here are your options:

1) You pay the minimum fee plus return shipping, and we ship your bad board back to you.

2) Again, THIS OPTION IS AT OUR DISCRETION, but your choice. If there's nothing we can salvage from the board, we would have no use for it as parts. If we can use it for parts, you pay no fees, and the board goes into the scrap and parts pile.

Again, the failure rate is VERY low! Only 1 out of 100 boards ends up having other problems after recapping.

What if my board passes all your testing, but when I get it back, it doesn't work?

If there are any issues when testing your board, we will alert you of them when we find them. If you get your board back, and for some reason, can not get it to work, we will do all we can to help you get it running again. However, this IS NOT a warranty issue! So many things can go wrong on the consumers end (typically user error or oversight), that it's impossible for us to cover anything past the capacitors and our testing, simply for the fact that we can not verify the environment or other peripherals that are in the system or whether they are in fact good or not. On that note, 90% of the time when a customer has an issue when their board returns, replacing the power supply cures it. Always make sure that you use a high quality power supply made by a reputable manufacturer! We can't stress that enough!! If the power supply is good, the next most common thing is improperly seat devices or the board being shorted on a metal case standoff. When reinstalling the board, please pay very close attention to this, as it can prevent a lot of headaches! Again, things like this are a very rare occurrence, but we do need to mention this.

If you have any questions or concerns about the warranty policy, please feel free to contact us.