Capacitor Repair Service Information

Motherboard Capping and Repair Service

As the result of many requests, we have decided to offer repair services on motherboards. The brand or model of your motherboard does not matter, as bad capacitors are not discriminative by brand. If the capacitors are bad, we can rebuild it! Please note we do not accept laptop repair requests.

Here are a few examples of our reworks. You will note the high-quality caps, correct sizes, and top-notch workmanship. If required we would be happy to supply some newer high-res photos of our recapping.

Motherboard Capacitor Recapping
Capacitor Recaps
Capacitor Recapping
Capacitor Repair Service
Bulging Capacitor Repair
High Quality Recapping

With every customer we've worked with in the past, one of the first questions they asked was "What exactly will you do to my motherboard?"

We do a complete updating of your board once I receive it. When it first arrives we clean it thoroughly, removing dust bunnies from the crevices. It's then connected to our test jig, and run through a battery of stress tests before we do any modifications to the board. This will answer a number of questions, such as:

1) Does the board POST (Power On Self Test)

2) Is the BIOS the most current revision

3) Test stability within an operating system

4) Test long-term stability under a heavy load

5) Are bad capacitors the true problem, or are there other faults

After a close examination and bad capacitors are verified to be the problem, we mark and remove all the necessary capacitors 680uF and higher. Note that some model systems/boards use a mixture of low-quality junk capacitors and high-quality capacitors (such as Panasonic or Rubycon). If this is the case, it may not be necessary to replace them all, just the problematic ones. This is a very common occurrence on Dell and HP SFX systems such as GX and SX270's and SX280's. Rest assured, the high-end caps are checked for ESR values, and if they're the least bit questionable, they're replaced anyway.

After identifying and removing the bad caps, we then replace them with high-quality NEW capacitors. The motherboard is once again connected to the test jig and the BIOS is flashed with the latest revision (if necessary), and the abusive testing begins once again.

Using our self booting diagnostics utilities, we run it through a 24-hour constant burn-in cycle. Once it passes that, I'll look at it closely to make sure that nothing else on the board is failing. If it can pass our testing, there's not much more that it can't handle beyond the motherboard's design specs. Note that WE DO NOT do any overclocking tests, or support any type of, or make any guarantees of overclocking success. I'm all for experimenting and overclocking, but I won't guarantee that when your board returns it will overclock any better than it did before. There are too many factors that equate into a successful overclock, and the motherboard is only one. However, when your board returns to you it will be as strong and solid as it was when you purchased it new. Once again, referring back to the VP6, just about every customer has reported their board was far more stable and overclocking friendly than it was when it was new.

We've been in the computer field since 1993, and in the electronics field since 1990. Operating a PC store for a great many of those years and have more worldly experience in this field than money and college could ever buy! You can rest assured that when your board comes home it will be back in tip-top shape again! We offer a full warranty on the new capacitors to back this up!