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Jack Crow
It's a CLASOB!
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  • Re: Part ID question

    STJ and company,

    I passed on your answer and the others to Earl, one of my shop mates who is doing the actual work.
    Was able to find a vendor for the parts.

    Many thanks to all for the heads up.

    Jack Crow...
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  • Re: Part ID question

    Apparently the prior maintainer of this transmitter went out of his way to screw this thing up. So most anything can happen.

    Jack Crow...
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  • Jack Crow
    started a topic Part ID question

    Part ID question

    Hi all,
    Ran into a part I don't know the OEM or type.
    Attached is a photo.

    Not the big orange caps, but the little ones near the center, that look like they were intended for through hole pc mount.

    This is part of a modulator for a Harris broadcast transmitter.

    Thanks in advance.
    Jack Crow...
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  • Re: A LED lifetime tester

    If I may draw back to your first question...

    "2 LG and 2 Samsung LED TVs bring-in (different time over this year), said LED screen blinking, TESTed all day worked, I charged the full repair bill by doing nothing, BUT I gave them one year warranty.( those tvs will come back eventually) How can you do? I need build A LED lifetime tester, (A equipment will show in the future of which LEDs will not work.)!, can anyone HELP!!!.."

    Lifetime tester for an LED.

    Are you young enough to have ever done...
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  • Re: Digital Multimeters

    Ever think to look at some real instruments from 'days gone by'.

    For example I use an HP 3456A for fancy stuff on the bench.
    Six and a half digits impresses the heck out of the neighbors.
    I can connect it to a D battery and watch the cell decay one micro volt at a time. Has a killer AC RMS section and a very cool four wire ohm's ability.

    Not at all portable but one hell of an instrument.
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  • Re: Want to Learn About Solar Panels

    Speaking of battery storage...

    Found something interesting.

    Very often pb Acid units are swapped out on a schedule.
    Same deal with units in standby service.

    So there is considerable life left in some batteries that are turned in for recycling.

    So if you can only get 900amp hours out of a 1200 amp cell pack, and can get it for free, why the heck not. You can recycle it later.

    This idea came to me when I saw what was on a recycling pallet at one of those batteries...
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  • Re: Can I test this motor?

    Tried to read the 'sticker' on the side of the motor from the link you supplied.
    That did not work too well.
    Sometimes they contain the hook up information for various voltages and frequencies.

    It looked like some kind of industrial unit, so there may be a start / run cap.
    Is there a manual for the machine it came out of?

    Very often with US made motors the OEM's have a website that data sheets can be down loaded from.

    The ruined board is a warning.
    Did this thing take...
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  • Re: So what bargains have you picked up and fixed / easy fixes?

    Hi all,
    My specialty is I fix the 'weirds'.
    If it is something different or strange, that is what I like the best.

    Ages ago I used to fix moving message signs back in New York.

    Fixed an annoying LED sign for a neighbors beauty shop near where I work.

    It reads in LED's


    Each letter comes on and as the word fills in starts to blink.

    The problem was the A in Spa was out.
    This was offensive...
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  • Jack Crow
    Jack Crow posted a Visitor Message for dlaroche
    Hi there,
    How do we know each other?
    Mike aka Jack Crow
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  • Re: How to test ceramic caps on cell phone boards

    We are in similar fields.
    Your into phones, I have been fixing hand held two way radios that use similar kinds of parts.

    Water damage. Give up.
    It can do some insidious things that are very hard to fix.

    My advice is to borrow / buy a low power (about 30x) stereo microscope. Nothing fancy is required. When you look at these boards with the instrument you will get a whole new prespective on how smt electronics is assembled and serviced.

    I refer to it as soldering...
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  • Re: Need help identifing component

    Items that control breaks are nothing I would want to fool with.
    Spedo's, air conditioning panels, no problem. Nobody dies if they screw up down range.

    Hard to test / prove if you get my drift.
    Might be better to get a fresh module than take a guess.

    Jack Crow
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  • Re: The ghetto mod thread

    Hi guys,
    Been working on a ghetto mod of my own of late.
    As some of you may know, I fix up old Astron PSU's for the ham radio community.


    There has been an on going issue with the analog meters the OEM uses.
    In a word, they suck.

    This photo is my raw prototype, where I refit an old case with 'new' digital meters.
    The left side monitors input line voltage, the right side is DC V and DC A.
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  • Re: Crystal Question

    How are you testing this suspect xtal?
    Got a portable short wave receiver handy?
    Set it for SSB detection.
    Tune it to the expected frequency, turn on the main device.
    If the xtal is cranking you should be able to tune in the area and get a 'tone' out of the xtal. Touch the xtal house with a test probe and the signal strength should get stronger.
    Share a thought when yo get a chance.
    Jack Crow Virginia USA
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  • Need a clue for a Loudspeaker vendor

    Trying to find at a rational price and someone to sell me replacement speakers for a two way radio stuff.

    High Fi is not required.

    I need a 5.25 inch speaker to fit in the Midland LMR speaker housing.

    After all these years the OEM parts are starting to die of old age.
    They sound muffled.

    The amps in the radios produce about 10 watts fully cranked.

    No need a good solid mid range 300hz to less than 5khz.
    So no bass, and no tweeters required.

    Anybody know such a vendor?
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  • Re: Help a veteran please

    I have two working CRT types I would be happy to donate.
    But they are not cheap to ship from Virginia.

    If you now someone traveling from the area of our nations capitol, I would be happy to sync up and hand them over.

    Military guys kept me alive in Iraq, this is the least I can do in return.

    As for fixing the one you have, perhaps one of the guys here can come through.
    TV's are not my strong point. More of a two way radio geek.

    Ping me back here if you want the sets.

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  • Re: Electronic's acronyms - Meanings


    Of a

    So if you have to put your project out with a fire extinguisher, it's a

    Is more than a former Indian tribe on Long Island New York.
    That is not what they called them selves, it's what the settlers called them.
    Stands for

    They lost on every land deal and lost big.
    Today the BOHICA reservation is the size of a phone...
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  • Re: External Antenna for Edimax BR-6258n

    Im with KC8ADU on this.
    I don't see any RF goodies.
    Can you supply a photo of the bottom of the board?

    Very often an antenna is 'etched' into the circuit board and can't be modified by normal humans.

    Microwave projects are not the best thing for someone new at this.

    Jack Crow
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  • Re: Need Schematic Sunfire True Subwoofer Junior

    Yes I called them, talked to a techie type there.

    They do not issue drawings or schematics.

    So Im still stuck.

    The client found a page of carver drawings and that is where the 'close' document came from.

    Jack Crow
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  • Re: Need Schematic Sunfire True Subwoofer Junior

    Mr B,
    That looks a lot like the unit I have. Mine has some subtle changes. As in using ribbon cables rather than discrete wires making the PSU jumper.

    I failed to take photos, managed to mess up the USB system in my computer.

    Did get a print of a similar unit that made much more power.
    The circuit looks similar.

    Right now I have a bunch of shorted and leakey semiconductors.

    I don't want to waste the clients time and money by buying counterfeit transistors....
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  • Need Schematic Sunfire True Subwoofer Junior

    Hi all,
    Did a web search and failed to come up with a drawing for...

    Sunfire True Subwoofer Junior

    It's a home 'bass box' unit.

    The amp is well and truly blown up, all kinds of bad semi's.

    Ideas welcome.

    Jack Crow
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