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  • Re: Power Supply Design Description (first post is long)

    Any thoughts on active Power Factor Correction, I have had some experience with this additional piece in the PSU puzzle, but is it going to become commonplace for most PC PSU's. The units I have seen so far
    have extra devices like LT1249 and the power mosfet it controls, switches across the output of the main rectifier. ( This takes some understanding)
    Not directly though, it does use a type of snubber to absorb/redistribute
    the energy.
    It seems that when things go wrong with this part of the circuit,...
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  • Re: ASUS P5GDC-V DELUXE - Very recent board, bad caps

    my housemate had the same asus MB, and problem!
    my pics look nearly exactly the same, so I won't post them.
    it all started about about mid summer early this year (Aussie)
    system would occasionally crash, bsod etc.
    went through all the usual sypmtoms, eventually saw the
    caps leaking. He put up with it by adding extra cooling, but that
    was only good for a while, then when the heat came back on this
    summer, prob back. so I found a suitable repalcement in farnell
    and went onto...
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