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  • Hello nomoresonys and thank you very much for this tip.

    Unfortunately, it seems that it is not possible to ship the repair kit to Germany.

    Even if I had such a kit, I found out that you can buy this TV model used here for very little money (from about 50 EUR).

    Sadly, a repair with this kit would therefore not really be economical from my point of view. You also have to take into account the money spent so far, the own working time and the risk of further damages.

    Thanks though and good luck to anyone who tries to repair the TV.
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  • Hello again,

    I have discovered that there was another, much more serious damage on the circuit board: two of the six contacts on the component labeled "ICM801" are broken, you can recognise the melted, round ends on the pins, see attached photo.

    Replacing the ceramic capacitor CM806 is thus not enough. Unfortunately, I will therefore be forced to buy a new television.

    However, it would be interesting to know if anyone else has been able to solve this problem by repairing their TV device.​...
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  • Hello,
    interestingly, I had exactly the same sequence of faults with a Samsung LE46B530 that was about 14 years and 6 months old, as Roger had already described:

    - First the fuse "T3.15AH250V" was blowing. I was able to identify the faulty fuse using a multimeter (continuity test), the other fuse "T6.3AH250V" still gave an acoustic signal, so it was OK.
    - After replacing the 3.15A fuse with a new one of the same type, there was another bang when the TV was switched on.
    - This time the ceramic capacitor CM806 had blown in addition to the newly...
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  • Hello, I came across this forum because of a faulty TV. Interestingly, I had exactly the same sequence of errors as another user had already described with this model (a Samsung device).
    Although I am not a trained electronics technician, I am still interested in repairing things, as long as this is still reasonably economical. So I'm curious to see if you can help me with this 😊​
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