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  • Hello there, thanks for following up, I found a great tutorial on yt and was able to verify that there no shorts on the motherboard, I checked everything from the adapter power input jack, coils, capacitors around the chips, the bios chip is reading 3.3v in pin 8 ( VCC As indicated in the video) I followed the tutorial to the letter (Actually I checked out 3 different videos on how to troubleshoot a dead laptop motherboard) and everything checks out, in the video it is mentioned that if Bios chip reads 3.3v on pin 8, to look for the right bios file and flash it. That would be my next step, since...
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  • I found this forum way too late, I am learning from scratch, I already messed up with the chip, but I will watch this video and see if I can do it, thank you for replying and I will post if successful.

    PostEdit: The laptop doesn't even turn on after I flashed that 1mb file back into the chip, any ideas as to how I can bring it back the way it was before so I can work with the steps Maxpower3 left for us and try to bypass it? Thanks in advance for any kind of help-...
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  • Lenovo ThinkPad L15 Gen 1 i7 (20U4) Bios and EC dump needed

    Hi all! I was reading on tutorials how to flash a bios to remove password from a bios, and I ended up reading the EC chip instead of the main bios chip, it only gave me a .bin file of 1,024kb, I learned later that that is the EC chip not the main bios chip (I should have read the tutorials here instead before attempting anything, my bad), I went to flash the original backup, the 1,024kb size file into the same chip and laptop is not powering up anymore. I may have screwed the chip or even the motherboard (Hopefully not), I am trying to see if there is a fix before I discard it. I had a couple...
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  • Hello there guys! I am a guy with a lot of determination to learn and help others to learn if possible, thank you for accepting me!...
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