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  • Very conveniently, I found out that Lenovo offers a couple of diagnostic options [url][/url]

    Interestingly, I'm able to run the UEFI version and the laptop completes the extended test (about 6 hours of checks) with flying colors. However, the Linux version of the diagnostic software doesn't boot. The system reboots a few seconds after the boot starts, just after GRUB. So exactly like when I boot Win10 or another Linux distro.https://Very conveniently, I found o...ht506581[/url]
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  • Yeah, reflowing the APU is definitely not my first pick, more like a last resort measure. I'm trying anything else before that

    I can't get to boot Windows in safe mode. The system reboots just after a few seconds it starts booting. Same for Debian. However, the system [U]remains stable if I simply leave it idle on GRUB[/U]. The issue raises as soon as the full boot process starts (drawing more current). That's also why I'm trying to troubleshoot the SOC power stage to make sure it looks good.

    Edit: I already tried two different BIOS versions (i.e. the original one...
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  • ThinkPad T14s Gen 1 boot loop (instability)

    Hi all, I'm looking at what seems to be a nice puzzle

    A ThinkPad T14s Gen 1 that stopped working more or less a month after the warranty expired. I tried to boot both Windows 10 and Debian 12 from a USB stick. In the first case, the system just reboots after showing the Windows logo for a few seconds, while I'm able to see the Linux kernel crashing if I boot the second in failsafe mode.

    Interestingly, some times (unfortunately it's difficult to replicate) I manage to boot into Debian 12 live. Moreover, the kernel doesn't seem to crash always at the same point during...
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  • Hi everyone! My name is mrfree2ita and electronics is one of my biggest hobbies. I love tinkering with gadgets and troubleshooting them. There's a real thrill in taking a broken device and bringing it back to life. It's not just about saving money, but also reducing e-waste. I'm always excited to learn new things.
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