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  • I will check the other packages that look identical. I also have a b450 steel legend I am stabbing around with and Have a suspect short , being new at this I will second guess myself. Measure twice cut once has always been a rule of mine. I have a 8 leg mosfet not reading ground on any of the legs.All the others read a ground on 1 leg., there are 3 of them the same component. Should that mosfet be reading a ground or is it shorted? I am checking the surrounding caps and they have ground. That to me indicates a short. Is there a cap or some other part that would disrupt the ground rail on the ...
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  • Greetings all. Blew a cap off and don't know the value of it

    I found a short on a mosfet in the vrm and used my air station to remove the bad component. and after viewed my work and noticed that had also blew the cap above it off as well... it went to cap heaven. I don't need the boardview file just what cap values are needed to replace the component. This is on a gigabyte r927xoc-4gd Windforce. I am a novice at repairing as that was a rookie mistake, + side is removal of the shirted package cleared up the short.
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