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  • Thank you for your reply, i tried checking every inductor on both boards and i have to say the difference in resistance to ground is pretty big.
    L2001, 324, 70
    L2401, inf, inf
    L2101, 280, 31
    L2604, 991, 1084
    L1904, 290, 32
    L1901, 1328, 1388
    L1902, 1328, 1390
    L1903, 287, 33
    L2105, inf, inf
    L2503, 757, 757
    L2501, 1305, 1340
    L1906, 21000, 25000
    L1101, 6.5, 6.5
    L1102, 740, 345
    i also noticed that the mask layer is a different shade of...
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  • The working one powers without issue from the battery, charges well with a 5V5A charger i have (although original one is 5V2A).
    The working one does not power with AC only it needs to have a battery inserted, even if flat.

    The non-working one(s) do not power from AC, even with a fully charged known-good battery inserted. If a battery is inserted, it will charge (the device will draw 5V 1.3A-ish) but no signs of life other than the coil whine from what looks like a boost circuit (working unit has this whine too)...
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  • I cannot believe i made such mistake in the title, i just noticed the "2679" while it should be "3679". But anyway the detail URL is correct so the board pictures are too.
    The picture you posted looks about right i'd say
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  • I've got relatively many of them, would it help my cause if i promised a free one to whoever helps with a final solution? 😁
    As long as you're based in Europe i can ship you one if you help me get them working.
    Also i'd like to clarify that i am fixing them not for profit, i don't plan to sell them but to give them to family and friends, together with some embedded applications i have in mind, their processor is still quite nice.
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  • Thinkpad Tablet 2 (2679) No Power


    I recently got my hands on a batch of Thinkpad Tablet 2 that a local business was throwing away. They all have the same issue, no Power.
    I do have a working one that i also took and the first thing i did was trying to power it without the battery being inserted.
    It seems that these tablets do not work unless the battery is in (my PSU is 5V5A so i doubt it's a current thing, probably design).
    I thought i'd be lucky so i took the battery from the working one and i tried it in 2-3 of the broken ones, but no luck, still no power.
    The current draw is 18mA...
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  • Hello,

    I'm just a young guy from Italy, my daily job is in IT but i have a perpetual passion for electronics, i often take up repair jobs from friends with no charges, only the condition "if i manage it's free, if i don't and it explodes you will not blame me"
    I am modestly pretty good at SMD soldering, i have a very steady hand and little to none flux obsession.
    I always went blind or by logic with repairs, it's the first time i stumble upon this site and the prospect of having Schematics is pretty exciting.
    As i mentioned everything i do is in my spare...
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