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  • Thank you so much for the replies and insights Jasko_jacker and Lisa Su - I can't tell you how much this helps for someone like me who starts from a complete blank slate and please be patient if any of my questions/thoughts sound ridiculously naive (its because they are..).

    Jasko_Jacker - my machine has a 800W top heater, a 1200W bottom heater and 2700W IR heating elements all around. Unfortunately it does not have any optical aliment, but i am hoping i can get around that with careful placement.
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  • CPU socket replacement soldering profile

    [SIZE=14px][FONT=Arial]Hi All - I am hoping someone can help with some pointers (complete noob here!)

    I have recently purchased a Scotle HR460 BGA reball machine (it's a bit old and I think the company no longer exists either), but as far as I can tell it is a competent and unmolested machine that should be good enough for my needs.
    My biggest problem is that it came with no profiles, and I must re-create all of them from scratch, something that is very scary for someone that doesn't really know what they are doing.
    The simple stuff like a small memory module isn't a big
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  • Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

    Hi All - my name is George and I am based in Romania and the UK. I've been a PC nerd all my life and now I've decided it is time for me to learn proper electronics repair (still just for fun) so here I am.
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