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  • I thought I might as well look at this one while I'm at it, maybe this will work too if you still need it cyllell. I know it's been over half a year.

    Interestingly, the ME version v16.0.15.1662 is identical to my failed laptop BIOS....
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  • I managed to repair my original BIOS (so far) using the ME guide and doing a LOT of digging for v16 tools.

    Major breakthrough, feels great to finally be back to using the original BIOS on this laptop. Hopefully it will last.
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  • I have and Asus Q409ZA that I purchased new, and all was well until it eventually turned on to a black screen.

    I backed up my original BIOS. I then downloaded and flashed an engineering BIOS posted by another member. It works great until something updates and the laptop starts up to a black screen, no activity. It can be reflashed with the engineering BIOS and work again until etc. etc.

    I've attached the original dump of this laptop with its serial number and other information in tact. I've also included the new engineering BIOS. Maybe somebody could take a look and...
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  • Re: i need build bios asus Q409z gen 12

    I just want to thank Lisa Su for posting this BIOS. Absolutely saved my laptop from a no audio/boot hang issue.

    I'm still under warranty with two weeks left, but don't want to deal with shipping/diag fee/etc. just to get a replacement laptop from ASUS.

    My cheapy 3v3 modified CH341A (black) programmer worked out great. NeoProgrammer knows that it's connected, but doesn't recognize the IC (XM25QH256C). I was able to choose the IC's previous revision from the IC list (256B) and read/verify/write successfully....
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