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  • Asus Zenbook Pro Duo UX8402ZE fan fast no image

    Hello guys,

    I have this laptop from a job lot, it is a 12th i9 with 32gb soldered on board ram and 3050Ti. When i plug in the charger it goes on, fan goes full speed and small screen lights but main screen does nothing. If i unplug, it goes off. When plugging an usb-c charger only charging light goes on but laptop has no power or any sign of life.

    I tried to find any short to ground and i get GPU coils , with 0.2ohms. Vram caps 32.9ohms.
    CPU is ok with good readings on coils and caps.

    I have flashed new bios on it, nothing changes, it does the same...
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  • Hello guys, learning from this great forum since 2023....
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  • I've flashed the bios image that you gave and is doing exact same thing, fan speed fast and no image on screen.

    I really don't know how to go further with this thing......
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  • I'm a bit lost here. So maybe somebody messed up with the bios already... (it came in a lot with more products).

    I'll investigate the DMI thing but i'm not familiar with that. If i flash this bios file that you gave, it should work?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • SN: N8N0CV08S52832D
    QR sticker reading:
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  • draxem
    started a topic Asus Zenbook Pro Duo OLED UX8402ZE

    Asus Zenbook Pro Duo OLED UX8402ZE

    Hello guys,

    I'm going crazy with this laptop that i have. It's an 12th gen i9 with 3050Ti graphics and 32GB ram (soldered on board). When i plug in charger, fans go full speed and small oled screen lights, main screen has no light. When charger is removed, it power off. When charger plugged and power button pressed long, laptop restarts but it does exact same thing as mentioned before.

    I have tried cleaning ME with the dump file that i have, tried other bios dump file... and a lot of combinations more but i am not able to flash a working bios to laptop (i hope is only...
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