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  • Re: General PSU Cap Failures

    Thank you. Now I think I understand more. I agree that pencil-whipped documentation would naturally go hand-in-hand with manufacturing methods devised to maximize profit at the cost of a reliable product. Make items cheap enough so that it is simply more cost effective to just replace rather than service does seem to be the mantra of Chinese electronics.

    And, Chinese manufactured power supply units is the very center of what I am looking at.

    Again, I appreciate your patience and your logic in helping me to understand what...
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  • Re: General PSU Cap Failures

    Touche! General information or questions generally produce little, as you so pointedly stated.

    I acknowledge I framed my inquiry poorly. Therefore, allow me to restate my inquiry.

    I have observed that failed computer power supply units in consumer class computers appear to experience 2 capacitors that fail. They are either a 2200uF 10v and a 1000 uF 10v, or 2 2200uF 10v. These caps appear to me to be schematically commonly located, regardless of the brand.

    Now, given that the caps are from poor quality suppliers,...
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  • Re: General PSU Cap Failures

    Thank you for the input, Per Hansson, but I was hoping for a bit more. I already came to the conclusion that low quality material was a contributing factor. But I curious as to whether poor line voltage had any significance.

    I have always used UPS units on my computers. I am not much into totally geeking out and building the ultimate computer, so I have leaned more to what has been typically off-the-shelf units. My personal units seemed to have been spared from PSU failures or MB failures, unlike a lot of the computers that I...
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  • Re: Thermaltake TR2 430W W/O PFC

    You are correct, and I mistook an 8-pin connector for another PCI-E connector. Closer examination revealed that it is actually 2 4-pin connectors that snap together and can therefore be separated.


    Just color me with the idiot crayon!
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  • Thermaltake TR2 430W W/O PFC

    I originally posted a question that I have since figured out the answer.
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  • Re: General PSU Discussion and FAQ contributions

    Does anyone have some tips on how to remove or clean off the white stuff that is covering a lot of the PSU components that appear either to be used for a sort of tamper proof, or to hold the components more securely?
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  • General PSU Cap Failures

    Hello All. I hope that i have not overlooked information that has been previously posted, and if so, I apologize for my impatience or lack of diligence in searching more thoroughly.

    I have several failed PC ATX PSU's from varied manufacturers, and out of curiosity, I finally opened them up to examine them.

    I have noticed that in a majority of them, there is a 2200 uF 10v cap and a 1000 uF 10v cap that are bulged. The 2200uF cap is slightly larger in diameter than the 1000uF cap.

    As far as I can tell, the schematic locations of these caps are common...
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  • Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

    Greetings to everyone, and thank you for allowing me to join the forum. I have some electronics background from way back in the vacuum tube days. I am hoping to find some information about capacitors that are used in PC power supply units.
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