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  • Re: Sony KDL-46Z4100 another TCON problem?

    Yes. That's probably where I got them from....
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  • Re: Sony KDL-46Z4100 another TCON problem?

    Worth reading this document "Sony lcd tv tcon troubleshooting and replacement" - Google and there are multiple sources.

    There is a similar but different document called "Sony tcon training manual". It shows examples of tab bond failures too.
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  • Sony KDL-46EX1 intermittent fault ??tab bond

    Our TV has started misbehaving. The off thing is that the TV works fine. The problems are so far limited to HDMI inputs.

    Symptoms seem like others have described with tab bond failures. Darkness in part of screen, flickering darkness across screen. Darkness looks like brightness and backlight turned down. But when HDMI inputs look like that, turn back to DTV and DTV is normal. Perfectly normal when the set is cool. Happens when warmed up. Not looking forward to getting a serviceman to bill us a large quote fee to say that it's tab bonds and we need a new set. Anticipating having...
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  • Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

    Hi. I'm a DIY repairer dedicated to saving our broken stuff from the scrapheap/landfill. Most of the electronics I've fixed has cost very little but would have cost very much to have repaired by a "pro".

    Best save was a near dead electronic sewing machine owned by an acquaintance. Sewing machine repairman wanted to replace the main board for $800. I told her i'd have a look, since that was an insane amount of money. Changed one inrush current limiting thermistor for not very much and has been working fine...
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  • Re: Capacitor ESR

    I got the impression ESR is important and that caps can test OK on other paremeters but if ESR is wrong, they won't work.

    I read that Bob Parker seems to have credit for inventing ESR meters. Has lots of info on ESR meter kits.

    Looking around at various ESR meter kits, I found Peak Electronics UK - fully built ESR meters. I got several of their meters and have found them really useful, since they measure a load of thing my Fluke multimeter won't do. I bought direct from...
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