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If you would like to filter the list by brand, use the links below:
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 The table below is a catalog of my COMPLETE stock I carry in ALL brand capacitors.  All are in stock unless otherwise noted.  Click the capacitor value to order.  Note that ALL the capacitors listed below are temp rated at 105*C.

Capacitance Voltage Brand Series Diameter Height
4700uF 10v Samxon GD 12.5mm 25mm
4700uF 6.3v Rubycon ZL 12.5mm 30mm
3300uF 10v Rubycon PX 10mm 20mm
3300uF 6.3v Rubycon MCZ 10mm 25mm
2200uF 16v Rubycon ZLG 12.5mm 25mm
2200uF 16v Rubycon PX 10mm 20mm
2200uF 10v Nichicon HZ 10mm 25mm
2200uF 6.3v Rubycon ZLH 10mm 20mm
1800uF 16v Rubycon ZLH 10mm 25mm
1800uF 6.3v Nichicon LG (Polymer) 10mm 13mm
1800uF 6.3v Nichicon ZLH 10mm 16mm
1800uF 6.3v Nichicon HM 8mm 20mm
1800uF 6.3v UCC KZG 8mm 20mm
1500uF 16v Rubycon ZLH 10mm 20mm
1500uF 10v Nichicon HZ 10mm 16mm
1500uF 10v Rubycon MCZ 8mm 20mm
1500uF 6.3v Nichicon HZ 10mm 13mm
1500uF 6.3v UCC PSC (Polymer) 10mm 13mm
1200uF 16v Rubycon ZLG 10mm 25mm
1200uF 16v Rubycon ZL 10mm 25mm
1200uF 10v Rubycon ZL 10mm 20mm
1000uF 35v Rubycon ZLH 12.5mm 20mm
1000uF 25v Rubycon ZLJ 10mm 20mm
1000uF 16v Nichicon HZ 10mm 16mm
1000uF 16v Rubycon MCZ 8mm 20mm
1000uF 10v Nichicon HZ 10mm 12mm
1000uF 10v Rubycon ZLH 8mm 16mm
1000uF 6.3v Nichicon HN 10mm 12mm
1000uF 6.3v Nichicon HM 8mm 13mm
820uF 25v Rubycon ZLK 10mm 20mm
820uF 16v Nichicon LG (Polymer) 10mm 13mm
820uF 6.3v Rubycon ZLH 8mm 12mm
820uF 2.5v Fujitsu M (Polymer) 8mm 12mm
680uF 25v Rubycon ZLJ 10mm 16mm
680uF 16v Nichicon HZ 10mm 13mm
680uF 16v Nichicon HZ 8mm 16mm
680uF 10v Nichicon HN 8mm 12mm
560uF 4v Oscon SEPC (Polymer) 8mm 10mm
470uF 35v Rubycon ZLK 10mm 20mm
470uF 25v Rubycon ZLJ 10mm 12mm
470uF 25v Samxon GT 8mm 20mm
470uF 25v Rubycon PX 8mm 12mm
470uF 16v Rubycon ZLH 8mm 12mm
330uF 35v Rubycon PX 10mm 16mm
330uF 25v Rubycon ZLK 8mm 16mm
330uF 16v Oscon SEP (Polymer) 10mm 13mm
220uF 25v Rubycon ZLG 8mm 12mm
220uF 16v Rubycon ZLH 6mm 11mm
220uF 16v Samxon RS 6mm 10mm
150uF 25v Rubycon ZLJ 6mm 11mm
100uF 25v Rubycon ZLG 6mm 11mm
47uF 50v Rubycon RX 8mm 12mm
47uF 25v Rubycon ZLG 6mm 8mm
22uF 25v Samxon GK 5mm 10mm
10uF 400v Samxon RT 10mm 20mm
4.7uF 400v Samxon RT 8mm 13mm
0.47uF 50v Rubycon YXF 5mm 11mm

 If you have any questions about which caps and sizes to order or you're unsure of exactly what you need, don't hesitate to contact me for assistance, I'll be glad to help.  When you recap your board, I absolutely want to make sure that you have the correct parts to do it!! Technical Forums 2003 - 2023
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