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Motherboard Repair
   If you wish to request repair services for your motherboard, please read all the information outlined under Repair Services and Warranty information.  Once you do that, fill out the web form with your information
HERE.  You will have a live response within 24 hours.  If you have questions, include them in the remarks box on the web form.

Forum Technical Support
   If you have an issue registering, logging in, or using the forum, use THIS FORM.  Please note that I WILL NOT DELETE FORUM ACCOUNTS!  No personal information is required when creating a forum account, and thus, any request for an account to be deleted will go unanswered.

Feedback & General Questions
   If you would rather contact me directly with your question, suggestion, or comment, I'd like to hear your thoughts!  Your feedback is one of the biggest driving factors that create new features and make this site continue to grow!  Submit your feedback
HERE.  PS: If you've come here to message me asking if I'll allow you to place advertising and spam-links on my site, don't waste your time!  I do not sell advertising space on this site, and I will not respond if you ask me.  I would, however, sell the entire site if you offer me enough.  If you're wondering how much to offer, I'll start listening when the offers get to a healthy 5-figures, in USD of course.

Friends of

I've always prided myself on keeping ad-free and tracker-free!  If you run any kind of monitoring software, you will see that is squeaky clean!!  Over the years of maintaining an impeccible site and reputation, I've made a lot of very good friends & business contacts.  I'm adding a few here, just to make their presence known, and if it helps them out with new business, that is always a plus!

North Bay Websites - Michael Staake (Owner of North Bay Websites) has been a long-time forum member, who has helped with many tasks & migrations with the site.  Very knowledgeable & helpful!  Highly recommended!

Orange Box Designs - Ian Arensbak is a long-time personal friend and Z-car buddy that does some amazing graphics work!!

The Cap King - Troy Brown has been a good ally when it came to some sourcing over the years.  Even though we are competitors in technical terms, We've always been able to count on eachother if the need ever arose.  Troy has since shut down his site.....but I'll leave the link just for the heck of it.

Techspot - Per Hansson, who runs Techspot has been most helpful with some coding in the backend of!  Awesome guy!

Choice Electronics - Owned by Lance Tople, a great source for Sencore test equipment & parts.  I was in need of parts for an obscure old Sencore machine, Lance came up with the goods where nobody else could!! Technical Forums 2003 - 2023
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