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Dead, no post, no boot Motherboard links

This is a sticky topic.
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    Dead, no post, no boot Motherboard links

    Hi All

    This thread was inspired by a forum member who has Intel MB's that are dead
    (not posting) after recapping
    (at this point fault(s) unknown)

    There is a scattering of post and pages on the forums dealing with this or other helpful information with these issues.

    So if you are a forum member and find a post or page (within a post) that deals with these DEAD, NO POST MB issues,
    could you please post a link to it in this thread.
    with the post title and sub forum would be nice

    but preferably with

    make model
    short description of fault
    Cure or actual Fault (if one was found)

    This may help you and other forum members locate information that might help solve a faulty MB quicker.

    Thank you in advance for your help people and kc8adu

    For example;
    Gigabyte 8S661FXM-RZ MB with bad caps/ ECS EpoX Gigbyte


    This came in with badcaps in PS and VRM input. No boot.....
    Replaced caps still no boot. Problem is in VRM\CPU area.
    Cure or Fault

    Faulty VRM, replaced MB


    The detail you go to is up to you but title and link is better then nothing!

    ================================================== =====

    These seem useful so I'll repost them here

    Thanks again and may it save us all a few hours

    Akor's VRM checking procedure

    (how not to kill another CPU)

    Identifying a CPU killer (ahead of time) help

    Cheers all
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    Re: Dead, no post, no boot Motherboard links

    I just had my HP 533w recapped, but it's still in boot-loop...does this mean it's over for the board, or would a fresh o/s install possibly fix? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


      Re: Dead, no post, no boot Motherboard links

      Originally posted by Daniel Smith
      I just had my HP 533w recapped, but it's still in boot-loop...does this mean it's over for the board, or would a fresh o/s install possibly fix? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
      Reinstall the OS. Bad caps are very prone to HDD data corruption (which hoses the OS).
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        Re: Dead, no post, no boot Motherboard links

        Originally posted by Daniel Smith
        I just had my HP 533w recapped, but it's still in boot-loop...does this mean it's over for the board, or would a fresh o/s install possibly fix? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

        It's not necessarily that your OS needs to be reinstalled , but if your BIOS is showing that the HD is recognized , you should also be checking the BOOT SEQ - sequence , as this is set by Windows when you load or reload it.

        Any such relooping or restarting , as is experienced suggests that there is something wrong with the boot sequence or etc. , not OS failure. If your boot sequence does not include the - FLOPPY / CD/DVD ROM / HD 0 or 1 then the post sequence has no information to start or to reboot to your possible floppy backup or Windows CD to reinstall or troubleshoot with utilities or SAFE MODE. I usually make sure that I am at the ready when I first restart and check these things first before allowing the system to continue beyond the LOGO screen (ECS or EPOX) for example. That way the HD can be checked to see if it goes through , while there is not any such floppy or CD Disk in any drive to detour the start up procedure from going to the HD for startup instructions. Always set the boot sequence in the order above to allow 2 other attempts to be available other than the HD to start.
        (if OS exists already or not)
        Because if your order is HD/CD-DVD/FLOPPY , if there is a problem with the HD , the system may restart as a result of the HD problem before seeking anything else. (Both floppies should be added to the system in BIOS - A&B)

        You should also enable the floppy seek and floppy swap functions to make sure that it can help you if necessary. If your mobo is showing the LOGO screen then it is working already :never enable "quick start" (bypass logo screen) or whatever , since the POST will almost be non-existant or too fast to see what is happening.

        You know 2 things if you reach the LOGO screen - 1 the video is working & the mobo is working. With BIOS set properly and pre-checked you should at least be able to enter the SAFE MODE if something is wrong and correct it. In safe mode you can go to the Control Panel and select System to see if your video card is recognized & everything else. Check for exclamation signs (!) or (?). Anything contained in the system list check can explain why the HD is not starting normally.

        You should always put your Floppy Backup Disk or your Windows CD into either drive after any such "looping" occurence once you have done all of these preliminary checks or setup preparations.

        When you follow these procedures when restarting or reconnecting anything , you can also then* check the video card setting (AGP/PCI/PCIe). The default should be PCI.

        If you confirm these procedures and find that your HD is not being recognized any more , squeeze the round pins inside the (4-pin) "molex" connector as loose inner connections can actually cause a HD - not to be detected. You can do this with a very small "spade" type - slot screwdriver - close the slits together in the "tube pins". They come loose after being plugged in and out while making some sort of changes.

        Post back if these don't work. Or reinstall if you have the ability with a Win OS Disk. (not if you don't have video)

        If you don't see any video - take out the video card and try the onboard VGA. If you can - put in a PCI video card to allow for the system having trouble with the video drivers. Confirm monitor works somehow. If none of this is available to you - you can "flash the bios" to set the bios "default" settings - prior to starting.

        The bios "flashing" procedure is done on a 3-pin connector somewhere near the onboard battery holder. Pins 1&2 are usually normal running position (bios held in memory) . ***You turn the computer off ***- but don't unplug it - then you take the "jumper" block (2-pin) off of the "normal" posts and reinsert it onto pins 2&3 (Flash Default Bios to Memory) [CMOS BIOS CHIP HAS IT"S OWN MEMORY] for 15seconds. After 15 seconds you replace the jumper block back into it's original normal position (pins 1&2) , and then press the start button on the computer. You should see video then.

        What OS are you running?
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          Re: Dead, no post, no boot Motherboard links

          Originally posted by Daniel Smith
          I just had my HP 533w recapped, but it's still in boot-loop...does this mean it's over for the board, or would a fresh o/s install possibly fix? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

          Sounds like Windows keeps bugchecking. (Kernel gives a stop error)
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            Re: Dead, no post, no boot Motherboard links

            Though this is an old post. i can drop in my 2 cents. usually when i have a quirk with windows, i use the principle of the second opinion by booting off a linux livecd like ubuntu etc and see if the problem is reproducible. That has always helped me to differentiate software from hardware problems easily.

            to give an example: i'm using my sisters laptop. which started having weird problems two years ago. did a memtest and bought a new hdd and the problem wouldn't go away. when i installed linux and looked at dmesg, i discovered the problem was acpi related. it turned out the system no longer liked the battery pack it came with. i've been running it ever since in desktop mode without issues.