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Vendor-Series Equivalents

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    Vendor-Series Equivalents

    This is organized vertically, higher Z to lower Z ratings (based on 50V, 16mm x 25mm parts for the 5K-10K hours series, and 2200uF, 10V, 10mm x 25mm part for the 2K hours series) and alphabetically L-R. The rated life is noted for each group.

    Nichicon PJ // UCC LXV

    Nichicon PW // Panasonic FC // Rubycon YXF // UCC LXZ (8k Hrs. except FC 5K Hrs.)

    Rubycon YXG (6K Hrs.)

    Nichicon HE // Rubycon YXH // UCC KY (10K Hrs.)

    Nichicon HD // Rubycon ZL // UCC KZE (5K Hrs.)

    Rubycon ZLH // UCC KZM (10K Hrs.)

    Panasonic FM (7K Hrs.)

    Nichicon HM // Sanyo WG // UCC KZJ (2K Hrs.)

    Nichicon HN // Rubycon MCZ // UCC KZG (2K Hrs.)

    Nichicon HZ (2K Hrs.)
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