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Why can't I remove posts

This is a sticky topic.
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    Why can't I remove posts

    how can i remove my posts as i think i may have done it wrong by not getting good pics up from the first post.
    is it possible for me to remove old posts and then try get somthing a bit better up with good pics and better description of my problems with mt lg lcd 32lc2d-en telly thank you.
    ps cracking site.

    Re: remove posts

    you cannot. only mods and topcat can.

    don't remove those, update the thread with better pics. thats what we all do around here...

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      Re: remove posts

      Hmmm. Badcaps actually seems to be the only forum I can't remove posts from.

      EDIT: Oh, my goodness! me. I AM tired. That's because badcaps is the only forum I'm not a mod on.
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      I love putting bad caps and flat batteries in fire and watching them explode!!

      No wonder it doesn't work! You installed the jumper wires backwards

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        Re: remove posts

        thanks mate i was gonna redo my post and try and make it better with photos knew to using forums and the like.


          Re: remove posts

          I dislike the time limit for editing. Most recently, I was writing about which cap to replace a cap with (in my own thread), and someone corrected me on the series name. I wanted to change it in the original post, but it was like: You can't.


            Re: remove posts

            Honestly, being unable to edit your own posts a half hour later on a forum mostly of factual objective information seems pretty pointless... since it isn't likely there'll be a situation where an immature poster would go back and edit what he said to remove evidence, so to speak. That's the only reason I could imagine removing that for.

            For information and stuff, it can be pretty confusing if you're looking something up, think you have the answer, then later find that the correct info was actually in another post made to correct the first.

            I'd say a day would be a better choice if there is to be a time limit... or at least, not until there is another post after the one you try to edit, which would help limit double posting, too.

            Just my 2 cents, I'm sure you've heard it all before.


              Re: remove posts

              It's happened before. i thought the same way as most until I checked the forum one day and some d-bag decided to remove all his posts.....which reeked havoc on threads. Never again. Be thankful it's not 10 minutes like it used to be.

              I did just up it to an hour from 30 minutes..........if you don't have your post squared away within an hour, that's just silly and too bad!
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                Re: remove posts

                ^ or contact a Mod

                kept in the FAQ, as I am SURE this gets asked a lot. Also did a slight title mod and made sticky.

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                  Re: remove posts

                  Originally posted by c_hegge View Post
                  Hmmm. Badcaps actually seems to be the only forum I can't remove posts from.

                  EDIT: Oh, my goodness! me. I AM tired. That's because badcaps is the only forum I'm not a mod on.
                  How many forums are you a member of?


                    Re: Why can't I remove posts

                    The ability to edit your posts is always welcome.

                    On the other hand it really pisses me off when posts in other 'respectable community' sites can, and do, get deleted by a mod because of a naughty word - just happened to me this morning, had to do another, not-so-short post all over again. PITA
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                      Re: Why can't I remove posts

                      It's a good idea posts can be removed


                        Re: remove posts

                        Originally posted by c_hegge View Post
                        Hmmm. Badcaps actually seems to be the only forum I can't remove posts from.

                        EDIT: Oh, my goodness! me. I AM tired. That's because badcaps is the only forum I'm not a mod on.
                        ..... cant say that anymore, eh?
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                          Re: Why can't I remove posts

                          All forums i know all have same policy concerning editing as this one and no one can delete posts but Mods


                            Re: Why can't I remove posts

                            Originally posted by ivtec View Post
                            no one can delete posts but Mods
                            Seems to be the default for phpBB. (at least 3x)

                            Topcat isn't using phpBB anymore...
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                              Re: Why can't I remove posts

                              Yeah, I know I am posting in a thread that's been dragged up from the arc...

                              However, This not being allowed to remove your own post... you'll possibly find that it's to prevent the sensible ones on the forum looking like a spoon.

                              Imagine you reply to this and say something to me, I then removed my post, you'd look like a rusty spoon too (Useless) replying to....... nothing?

                              Just be thankful for small mercies, There are a lot of forums out there which won't even allow you to edit your own posts